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What do you do when you have built and painted all the ships at Jutland ?

Build the ones that weren't there of course !

A selection of ships from both sides who failed to make the big bash mostly through maintenance or crashing into your mate (in the case of Australia).

The bottom pic shows just how far warships came in less than 10 years from the revolution that was Dreadnought to the Super D Queen Elizabeth. As always lots more pics on't blog.

Regards Ken
The Yarkshire Gamer

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avoiding the lorax on Crion

Ooh, crazy but I salute your dedication to crazy. Renacting thr battle of jutland.

They look great,
Ships did move very quickly especially since you go forward 30-40 years and you have the Iowa class, Yamamoto, the Bismark and last that came late, HMS Vanguard. The last ever built.

Sgt. Vanden - OOC Hey, that was your doing. I didn't choose to fly in the "Dongerprise'.

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I have no clue how Dakka's moderation work. I expect it involves throwing a lot of d100 and looking at many random tables.

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