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Hello all, I'm starting to be a little saturated with 40k and so I'd like to start an AoS army. Hesitating between Sylvaneth and Nighthaunts, I chose Nighthaunt because of the models and the gameplay. I didn't buy anything yet but I'll start very soon. I'll begin my AoS life with a 1000 pts list to start small and expand later maybe, I'm getting tired of lengthy 2000 pts battles at 40k so I don't know how long they last in AoS. Anyway here's the list, based on the models I prefer the most (I think they're all awesome so no big "NO" concerning the model range just so you know) and synergies I think are nice, but really don't know if it's true

- Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern, Ruler of the Spirit Hosts, Beacon of Nagashizzar, known spell Shademist: 140 pts
- Spirit Torment: 120 pts

- 20 Chainrasp Hordes: 160 pts
- 10 Hexwraiths: 320 pts
- 10 Bladegheist Revenants: 180 pts
- 2 Chainghasts: 80 pts

TOTAL: 1000 pts

The aim of the list is to be able to revive models easily with the Guardian of Souls and Spirit Torment. The Spirit Torment provides rerolls to the most units possible via the Chainghasts, and the Guardian of Souls will try to give the +1 to Wound on whoever needs it the most, I believe it will be the Bladegheists.

Any advice or things I missed in the list/rules ? Thanks in advance.

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AoS: Nighthaunts

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