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Made in us
Speed Drybrushing

San Francisco, CA

Scenario: Kill the Bard!

200 pts, Orcs vs. Elves

In their third campaign battle, the elves were sent to destroy a foul bard, soiling the land with his unspeakable musics. Imagine their surprise when they came across a small band of orcs with similar intent. Could it be these fell beasts also recognized the insult to all with ears this cretin represented? Highly unlikely. Kill them all!

The bard hardly knew what was coming

The scenario starts with players deploying half their models (rounded up) in the corner, and the bard traipsing along the corner-to-corner line of the map. Terrain littered the edges of his path, blocking each warband’s path to the bard. These orcs were new to the ways of battle, and highly inexperienced. Green, you could say. They charged headlong into battle, without any consideration for the wall of elven archers slowly lining up on the far side of the bard’s path. By the end of turn one, two morax lay bleeding out. The bard blithely carried on.

if you come around a rock outcropping to see this, best to return from whence you came - post haste!

The battle raged. The elven archers and the Orc Godspeaker wounded the bard, but could not stop him.

His horrible cacophony affected nearly half the participants on Turn 3 - with the scenario special rules placing a fatigue counter on all models within 6” of him. No wonder everyone wants him dead! The elf prince cleaved a morax nearly in half. The troops continued to whittle away at the unspeakable musician. The bard blithely carried on.

who knew bad music could be so fatiguing?!

On turn four, a volley of elven arrows finally silenced the awful noise. Three more orc casualties fell; by the next turn it was all but over - an archer had snatched the lute and was making his way off the board. Another orc perished. Not one elf was killed. It was a bloodbath. A musical bloodbath.

I think next time we meet, you had best sharpen your ax!

I play...


Who am I kidding? I only paint these days... 
Made in at
Brooding Night Goblin

Very nice!

Do you happen to know your lists you took?
Do you play the campaign with the rules/perma injuries, etc?
Made in us
Speed Drybrushing

San Francisco, CA

Yes, we do! My list was put together really quick:

Prince 44 Command, Leader
Battle-Mage 38 Spellcaster
Seaguard 22 Warrior, Healer
Guardian Shambler 35 Large
Kindred Archer 16 Warrior
Kindred Archer 16 Warrior
Kindred Archer 16 Warrior
Kindred Tallspear 13 Warrior

And my friend also had a quick, simple warband:
3 Ax (grunts)
3 MorAx
1 Gorerider

The Grunts aren't a great idea in campaigns, so that wasn't the best idea. They're easy XP for me (ie, easy to kill), and they don't get XP at the end of the game (ie, wasted XP for my friend). It was his first game, but for future games, no more grunts.

My elves also took 2 grunts in their first game. Both died, so it's just not worth it. I'm not sure they're worth it in regular games either...

I play...


Who am I kidding? I only paint these days... 
Made in cz
Scarab with a Cracked Shell

Prague, Czechia

The grunts are OK for the campaign as you can use them next game again without worrying about a bad causalty roll. I run 2 grunts and 4 warriors in my warband and can happily sacrify the grunts if it serves the objective of winning the scenario, killing or stopping a strong opponent model etc.
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