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Made in au
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all - I recently unearthed my old Night Lords force with the intent of painting them (finally) and creating a tabletop ready army.

As I'm new to the 8e meta I would greatly appreciate some help in creating a decent force, something that works but isn't cheesy.

I am flexible in the types of weapons given and also conversions in order to build the best force, 95% is unpainted and in disrepair and I'm happy to buy bits from FW etc. to get the most of these guys.

Here is the model count (all of them are the old school sculpts from 3e / 4e !)


Daemon Lord x 1 (plan on buying wings for him)
Sorcerer x 1

Chaos Terminators x 6 (1 x Reaper AC - might not use these guys as they are comically small but hey stranger things have happened)

Traitor Guardsmen x 14 (gren launcher and flamer x 1) - converted to Chaos Cultists with lasguns
Chaos Space Marines x 36 (mixed either ccw + bolt pistol or bolter, can convert either way tho also have 4 x plasma gun, 2 x melta gun, 1 x flamer)

Fast Attack
Bikers x 5 (2 x plasma guns)
Raptors x 8 (3 x special weapon blokes, 1 x aspiring champion with 2 x LC)

Heavy Support
Chaos Dreadnought x 1 (plasma cannon, autocannon and d.nought ccw options)
Old metal Vindicator bits to convert a rhino up (why not?)
Obliterator x 1

5 x Havoc models (2 x Lascannon, 3 x H. Bolters - these can be absorbed into CSM squads tho)

And that's it! Again, I have budget and bitz to add power fists, different special weapons etc. and so on. I might even look at turning some of the CSM models into Chosen if you guys rate that as an option. Happy to also buy some new models if need be to have a competent force on the tabletop.

Thanks in advance.
Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Hey man, welcome back to csm! I hadn't played since 5th then picked up 8th a couple of years back and have loved it since.

Looking at what you have you need a heavy marine focused list. Unfortunately only black legion with Abandon or Red Cosairs can run them well in this edition.

Are they the old night lord models or generic csm? Either way you could run them with red cosairs rules (they have a stratergem to recycle marine squads and 3x csm squads gives you extra command points). Nobody will mind as long as you explain you're using their rules.

You could run 3x squads of 10. One with 2 plasma and combi plasma, one with 2 x reaper chaincannons (you'd need to stick some bitz on those havoc heavy bolters or buy some barrel bitz there's loads to choose from) and one with 2x melta and combi melta and the rest with ccw and bolt pistol. That'd give you a solid core and 11 command points.

Bikers would work well as a harassment option. They can now rapid fire their bolters all the time even at 24".

With daemon prince and sorcerer that'll get you to around 1,000 points. With the rest of the list I'd take some heavy artillery and some tough objective holders.

Terminators aren't bad now they've been made cheaper and can take chain axes. So for 28 points you get a lot of bolter/plasma shots and a tough body to hold them.

Daemon engines are the hot topic right now, the new lord discordant model is cool and has great rules. But really you can run a lot of stuff with the special detachments. You could take raptors and warp talons in the host raptorial detachment, they would stack nicely with the nightlords rules and fluff. Or if you want to go shooty havocks and oblitorators in the devestaion battery detachment are fairly tasty.

Hope this helps
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