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As the title says. We will likely play club games of Apoc and so does each player need a box set? Each side? Or will one set be enough?
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One set is technically enough, but you don't get duplicates so you have to split the Command Cards between you. It is actually mentioned in the rulebook that comes with the box.

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We took just one copy for the store, and use it when we play there.
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The answer is, it's complicated. One box shared between two sides can work (especially if you get the day one DLC card pack as well) but it is somewhat dependent on faction.

There are only 36 non-psychic power generic command cards, meaning to make a deck of 30, each side needs to get at least 12 cards from their faction specific decks. That can get tricky as there are factions like Traitor Knights and Custodes who only have 4 faction cards.

Playing a soup game (Apoc explicitly has no restrictions on souping within the larger framework of an army, and say Necrons and Orks and Tau and Eldar can all be on the same side as long as they're in their own detachments) is one way to make sure this is easier, and the other ways are to take some psykers (allowing you to use the plentiful psychic cards) and mix up your sub-factions letting you take more subfaction cards.

Most factions have 2x cards per subfaction. Harlequins only have 1, and there may be a couple more with only one, and certain big boy subfactions like space wolves and Grey Knights have more plus unique psychic cards as well.

If you're splitting a box and you're not using psykers and not souping at all, you will end up with some pretty much useless cards from other subfactions that you only get a single re-roll from.

If both players have a box this is a non-issue as both will have their own set of 36 generic cards, so it won't matter if one player has 400PL of nothing but custodes and the other has 400PL of just Traitor Knights.
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Dominating Dominatrix

1 box has enough generic cards that you can build 2 decks of 30 cards between the cards available to factions and the generic cards available to everyone. I don't think it's possible to build a 3rd 30 card deck beyond that.

But, there are no duplicate cards. So if both players want to fully optimize their decks with the full list of generic cards available to them they want their own box.

The tokens are more than enough especially at lower PL and the dice is plenty. I have never rolled 12 dice at once yet.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.

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So it is the deck of cards that is the issue, nothing else?
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The multiplayer rules actually suggest one deck per side, not per player. This actually works really well. It allows your team to cycle its deck fairly quick and see some cards twice. You just need to come to agreement as a team which cards you will be taking. If each player has a deck, then players that have minimal card draw may not even see 50% of their deck. We ran into this issue when testing it on a 2v2, by then end I had only drawn about 12 of my 30.
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There are no duplicates. So if two players want the abilities on one card they would have to buy a second box or find someone selling just the cards.

Can play and wanting access to all of the abilities are two different things with this question.

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