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So I managed to pick up a copy of Dreadfleet second hand which I am very excited about. I remember when the game first came out I thought it looked awesome, but for whatever reason I never got it and then GW swiftly killed it.

It seems in very good condition, the kids who owned it before me didn't seem to use it much I guess, many of the ships are still on the sprues, but many pieces are just flying about the inside of the box! Spent most of the last two hours organising the pieces, but did manage to build the two flagships. I must say I'm not a fan of the Bloody Reaver, all the sails don't line up very nicely at all despite my best efforts, but I am a huge fan of the Heldenhammer.

I think I plan to build all the components, then start the painting. I think I'll spend some time painting the ships individually, but the tokens, range rulers, and scenery Ill likely do very simply with a spray and drybrush.

As always, if anyone has any advice or criticisms along the way let me know! Anyway, here's some grey plastic.

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I can't wait to see your progress. The ships can really paint up nicely.

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I have yet to actually play the game, but between release and July 2018, I managed to get everything painted up. I look forward to seeing what you do with your set.

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Painting total as of 7/18/2019: 66 plus a wooden bridge and gnoll encampment and 28 pieces of Mantic scatter terrain and three fly holes and three farm buildings and a fire pit.

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The models are fantastic, makes one really wish they had expanded it to be more similar to Battlefleet Gothic with full rosters, rather than just a single box

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Boats! this is one of the many games i missed out on, it's a shame it didn't last because those figures are very nice

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Looking forward to seeing your progress. I only finished the Heldenhammer and the Kraken ship. I got halfway done the Bloody Reaver, wasn't pleased with how it was going, and have yet to go back to it.
Someday, someday I'll manage to get to it.

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My first and only painting log.
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 amazingturtles wrote:
Boats! this is one of the many games i missed out on, it's a shame it didn't last because those figures are very nice

I shelved mine years ago. I probably wouldn't mind just giving the game to you myself for free since we live in the same state. Dreadfleet tanked pretty hard and after building all the ships i just got bored immediately and didn't bother trying to play.

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Fully assembled. A very daunting pile of grey!

I did set it up and have a quick practice run to see how the game works. I wasn't very impressed with the mechanics. It seemed very slow and it ended up as just a game of cat and mouse around the board. Perhaps that will improve with the addition of more ships? Either way, I'm more of a painter than a gamer anyway, so I fully anticipate painting everything up and then playing the game maybe once. But that's ok, I'm comfortable with that!

Now, to learn how to use the spray paints!

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