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Changing Mephiston to a smash captain and taking out one of my 5 IG catachan guard squads? I would also have to drop my Astropath and change my company commander to a primaries Psykers, giving my army only 2 commands a turn.

I am trying to decide what to take for ITC. Assassin’s seem like they have utility in every matchup but it is really hard to quantify their usefulness to me. I know that a guard squad is 10 more wounds and 30 more close combat attacks at strength 4 as well as 40 lasgun shots. I know Mephiston is a CP-less half way smash captain without the CP requirements and can jump 30” across the field to steal objectives in a single turn. I know I would be losing 2 precious voice of commands.

My assassin’s have done great things for me these last few games but I can’t see it being worth so many wounds and attacks. Any advice here?
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Hard to say without the context of the full list.

That said, any Imperium list which isn't bringing an Assassin probably should if possible.

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I would be inclined to say yes. Mephy is good but his price hike in CA2018 means he is no longer auto-include. Captain Smash is probably better in the role IMHO as you cannot Deny the Witch with stratagems. While Mehpy can power himself without CPs, there will be days when he just can't seem to cast anything or an opponent shuts him down with Denies or a Culexus.

If you have all 4 Assassins available, chances are you will find an effective target for one of them every game. Even if not, an Eversore charging into the enemy lines on T2 will usually make a mess of something and take some of the heat off Captain Smash and the Blood Angels.

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