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Fresh-Faced New User



Hi there,

I'm planning to participate in an ITC tournament in the UK this October and am considering taking a pure Crimson Fists force.

The list is below, followed by my tactical thoughts for the army.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Army List

Battalion Detachment: Crimson Fists

Phobos Lieutenant [Warlord] *1
Phobos Lieutenant *2

Infiltrators (5) *3
Infiltrators (5)
Infiltrators (5)

Aggressors (3): boltstorm gauntlets
Redemptor Dreadnought: heavy onslaught gatling cannon, onslaught gatling cannon. *4

Spearhead Detachment: Crimson Fists

Phobos Librarian *5

Thunderfire Cannon *6
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought: two twin lascannon *4
Repulsor Executioner: plasma variant *7
Centurions (6): 5 w/ lascannons, 1 w/ heavy bolters & hurricane bolters *8

Total points = 1993
Total CP = 9


The general strategy with the army is to lower my opponent's mobility using the Librarian and Thunderfire Cannon while my larger guns remove key units from an enemy force. Once the opponent is unable to effectively press an advantage I will camp on objectives to score points.

*1 The Warlord will generally take the Target Priority warlord trait from the Phobos selection, which allows me to give a +1 to hit bonus to one of my units each turn. The Warlord will stay close to the Centurions to provide this boost against heavy targets such as Knights. If the opposing force is swarm infantry I will instead use the Princeps of Deceit trait to redeploy my units to make it more difficult for my opponent to reach me.

*2 This Lieutenant can either provide a second re-rolls 1 to wound bubble or use it's grav-chute to deep strike later in the game to hold far-flung objectives.

*3 Infiltrator squads can provide screens, objective secured units or deep strike blocking. Due to their Omni-scrambler ability, opposing units cannot arrive within 12" of them.

*4 In addition to providing strong anti-infantry and anti-armour (respectively), the Dreadnoughts are able to use the Wisdom of the Ancients stratagem to give a re-roll 1s to hit aura.

*5 The Librarian will often deploy relatively close to opposing units and cast Tenebrous Curse to halve their movement. The Librarian is also able to take the Tome of Malcador relic in order to take a power from the Librarius discipline.

*6 The Thunderfire cannon is able to use the Tremor Shells stratagem to halve the movement of enemy units.

*7 In addition to being a strong mobile gun-platform, the Repulsor Executioner will also be able to ferry the Aggressors to a defensible location, or to hold objectives late-game.

*8 I will attempt to hide this unit Turn 1 (easier in ITC), before stepping from cover to remove key-armour targets.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

This is an interesting list, Any reason why you have avoided taking any captains?

I like the laser executioner weapon better than the plasma but w/e works for you.

Have you thought about taking the relic banner and an Ancient so your centurions can shoot one weapon when they die? And maybe an apocethary to try to bring them back?

Of course all of this might change with the new codex....
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User



Thank you for your comments

Firstly, I have avoided taking Captains in this list because they actually don't provide me with as much benefit as the Lieutenants do, as I receive a +1 to hit in most circumstances naturally, and (at time of writing) the Warlord Trait would provide +1 to hit to any unit that otherwise wouldn't get it. I also have access to Wisdom of the Ancients, for the same re-roll 1's bubble centred on a Dreadnought.

As for the Executioner, I took the plasma-variant as the las-version is inherently weaker against Knights and other units with invulnerable saves.

I have yet to run this list through the new-codex, so all of that logic may be completely skewed!
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