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My FLGS scene is getting more and more competitive (very few single codex list anymore, Knights everywhere, Craftworld with bunch of wraithfighters...etc).
While I still prefer mono faction, I would like to make a list that give me a fair chance and I would like to get your opinion on this one.

Dark Eldar Air wing (Kabal of Black Heart for 6++ and Vect)
2 x Razorwing with Dissy
1 Void Raven Bomber with missile

Craftworld alaitoc battalion
Farseer Skyrunner (Doom and Guide)
Spirit Seer (Jinx)

3 x Rangers
5 Dark Reapers including and Exarch

Dark Eldar Battalion (Prophet of Flesh)
Haemonculus with vector mask
Urien Rakarth

3 x 5 Wracks
9 Grotesques
5 Scourge with Haywire
3 Talos (Chian fail and HWB)

My thinking :
- RJF deal with light armor and heavy infantry mainly but they are versatile enough to help with anything
- VRB is there for heavy targets
- The Eldar HQs buff/debuff for the Reapers who are on heavy target duty with the VRB
- The rangers are good homefield objectif holders and provide me with snippers to ping at buffinf characters
- The Coven are ther to mow hordes with the Wracks also being good objectives holders.
- The Scourges are there because I don't own more Reapers and had points left.

So what do you think?

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I'm in the same boat, knights everywhere! So far I've found linked prisms and haywire skyweavers are getting the job done though.

I like the airwing, but I think you're right about getting more reapers. If you get up to 8-10 of them they really start to do some damage and make the most of doom and guide. 5 will do okay but as soon as they start taking casualties their effectiveness will drop off.

I'd also consider swapping the spiritseer for a warlock on bike, to make sure you'll always be in range to jinx something juicy. You could also just take a farseer on foot to save points, if he's just sitting back with the reapers.

I can't really comment on the coven stuff as I've never used them, but unless you really want 2 battalions, I'd recommend a harlequin outrider with haywire skyweavers.
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