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Does anyone recommend any good rules for WW1 or 2 era naval battle games? (scale of which battleships could see play)

What is good about the system and what is bad?

Is there something for reasonably fast games?

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I only know cruel seas from warlord games yet I never played it. You should maybe dig into it.

40k: Necrons/Imperial Guard
Bolt Action: Germany/ USA
Project Z.
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Cruel Seas doenst go up to Battleships, so it wont be what you want.
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Axis and Allies: War at Sea

Micronauts- I am unsure if this is a line or rules too. Do not recall.

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GHQ: Micronaughts, this is an excellent simulation system, more complicated than many games but well worth the effort - there is also a WW1 version.

V1 of "Victory at Sea" is pretty good too, though nowhere near as detailed

"Cruel Seas"... ahh yes, a typical Warlord game, promises so much but delivers so little, a mix of nice mechanics, decent models for the most part and some serious WTF were they thinking moments - like a target beam on or bow/stern on makes no different to shooting, also has some serious balance issues (e.g. Japanese are in the game basically as a target)
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Go old school, man.... Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame, all the way!





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General quarters from Navwar are the best ww2 rules. They are simple and you can have ships from simple armed trawlers up to the Bismarck and Rodney. It caters for most nations and is relatively simple. You can fight battles from 4 ships up to entire fleets. And it's only £12 for both parts from the Navwar website. Navwar also has an extensive range of model ships which are excillent. The o my downside being is that you need a cheque book to order.

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I use Victory at Sea and General Quarters.

If you are just getting into naval gaming, check out Topside Minis: https://topsideminis.com

Not real miniatures, but color pictures on wood bases. You can get whole fleets on the table easily, and they really look nice though not 3d.

They have a free rule set (pretty basic) as a PDF as well. https://topsideminis.com/product/tsm-basic-rules-set-1-0/

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