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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ok so I'm not a super competitive player but my local meta is getting really strong atm so I'm thinking I need to up my game.

So far I've got;

Flayed skull battalion

Archon - huskblade, splinter pistol
Archon - huskblade, splinter pistol
5 X 5 kaballite warriors - 1 blaster per squad
5 venoms - splinter cannons

Soaring spite outrider

Shadowseer - veil of tears, twilight pathways, WL, player of Twilight
Solitaire - cegorachs rose
5 skyweavers - haywire, 1 star bolas
2 skyweavers - haywire, 1 star bolas
2 skyweavers - haywire, 1 star bolas

Alaitoc airwing

2 X crimson hunter exarchs - starcannons
Hemlock - jinx

That clocks in at 1988pts, so a few to spare for archon toys etc.

Was going to go with black heart kabal for Agents of vect but as I'm not swimming in CP, decided to go with flayed skull instead to buff the kaballites and venoms, not opposed to switching though.

Basically, kaballites and venoms to deal with hordes and grab objectives, skyweavers deal with knights and tanks, flyers help with both, and heavy infantry.

Archons sit on objectives, and the solitaire goes after support characters.

I think everything should be pretty good at doing what it's supposed to, plus lots of speed, but is too fragile?

Any competitive opinions would be great.

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