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Regular Dakkanaut

So I just started the mammoth task of building a GSC Apocalypse army and I’m trying to get a rough idea of what infantry units that I want to make up the bulk of my force. I’m not a WAAC gamer but I prefer to take somewhat decent choices, considering the effort involved in putting together such a big project I don’t want them to suck especially considering how quickly things die although rule of cool still plays a consideration as far as Apocalypse goes.

I’m comparing two troop options, Neophyte Hybrids and Brood Brothers but I’m thinking the latter is the better unit. The Neophytes at 5 pl are 66% more expensive than the BBs at 3 pl and once you factor in the cost of one of there inferior heavy weapon they become twice as expensive at 6pl. Stat wise they are identical except the Hybrids have a better save at 8+ To the BB’s 10+ but this seems like an almost negligible benefit especially considering that both units will not be able to save against large blasts anyhow. The BB’s lasguns have a better SAP than the Neophyte’s scavenged weapons.

So to sum up, better guns, better heavy weapons and half the price when factoring in a heavy weapon, am I missing something or are the Neophytes bad in comparison?
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Sneaky Lictor


That easy.

Neophyte have <Cult>

Broodbrothers do not have that.

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Made in us
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

Yep, BB's don't get the <cult> keyword, which can grant +1 to hit, Reroll 1s to hit, autopass morale, and access to an open-topped transport.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Ah thanks, I thought I was missing something, that makes them more attractive, their guns still suck though.
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