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Just finished reading Cadian Honor and unfortunately I did not enjoy it. This is not a rant thread though. Iv'e read most of the 40k classics (heh) and looking into any fairly recently published good books. My favorite fairly recent book was fire caste (with the incredibly misleading name). So yeah, any reccomendations of recent books? I'm not much into the chaos side of things and have only the occasional interest in space marine novels. SM novels in particular need to be really good for me to like them. Other then that books for every faction works for me.

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His pattern of returning alive after being declared dead occurred often enough during Cain's career that the Munitorum made a special ruling that Ciaphas Cain is to never be considered dead, despite evidence to the contrary. 
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I know you said you dislike space Marine stuff but I'm still going to reccomend The Emperor's Spears. And thereason I do this is because it addresses a lot of the misconceptions people have about the setting post gathering storm.

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Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion and Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne were both not too bad, I thought (although both have somewhat weak climaxes I feel).

If you liked Fire Caste, Cult of the Spiral Dawn (re-titled from Legends of the Dark Millenium: Genestealer Cults), also by Fehervari, is kind of similar.

Or if you want a slightly different setting (and aren't concerned with learning anything much about the Fortress itself), Blackstone Fortress is surprisingly not terrible.
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Not sure precisely what you mean by the '40K classics' but happy to throw a few out there.

Dead Men Walking - DKoK vs Necrons

The Fabius Bile books - Primogenitor, etc. (although if you aren't keen on Chaos and Spacemarines probably a pass for you)

Nemesis from the HH series (slow but steady)

In reprint as of now I think but if you want to mix it up a bit The Vampire Wars (appreciate it isn't 40K but variety is the spice of life)

Please note, for those of you who play Chaos Daemons as a faction the term "Daemon" is potentially offensive. Instead, please play codex "Chaos: Mortally Challenged". Thank you. 
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This list may help you out.

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