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When viewing posts on my mobile. I have noticed that some posts have an easy to read font size that matches my mobil browser's chosen font size while other posts have very small text. Is there something to do in the formatting of a post to control this?
Is there a difference between the formatting of s 'quick reply' and a normal reply?


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It's to do with the length of the post, I believe - the forum software tries to resize it to best fit on the page, but that sometimes result in the text being an odd size.

I think it only does it on the Mobile theme. I'm currently using the regular desktop theme on my phone and haven't noticed it happening.

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I have the same issue with the mobile theme. Posts seem to have random text sizes. I thought it might be to do with quotes, but it isn't.

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It's not post length either - the one above appears tiny for me.

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Single line posts, or posts made of multiple single lines tend to appear smaller. Posts with multiple line paragraphs appear in the larger font.

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