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New to CSM/Daemons, how should I assemble/paint/run these models?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nz
Hungry Little Ripper


Hey! Looking for some help!
New to CSM & chaos, bought a bunch of models I like, not sure how I should assemble them!
So I'm looking for advice/thoughts on how to arm these guys, and what to run them as.
Not looking to buy anything more yet

Models are:
Daemon prince
Lord Discordant
Lord of executions
10 CSM marines
Box of havocs
Box of terminators
Forge/mauler fiend

Infernal enrapturess
Contorted epitome
Start collecting Daemons of slaanesh

I'm a big fan of nightlords, and have assembled and painted 5 marines, lord of executions, and the Lord discordant in their scheme, otherwise everything else is still in the box

I appreciate any thoughts and ideas!!

Also I hope this is the right place for this.. I read the pinned post but it wasn't clear to me


Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Hey man, are you wanting to make a super competitive list or a fun list to play? I think the look and fluff of night lords are great and the new slanesh stuff has great rules.

Because of how CSM and daemons lists share keywords you need more troops to make the detachments work with what you've got.

Two units of daemonettes and one unit of csm/cultists would let you field two battalions, one slanesh daemons and one night lords.

The Terminators work well as all combi plasma and cheap mele weapons. And I'd put at least 2 lascannons in that havocs unit and then 2 autocannon/missile launchers.

I'd run the fiend as a maulerfiend with lashertendrils, it and your lord discordant will be able to advance and charge if they're within 6" of a slanesh character so pairing them up with the epitome would be handy.

Lastly the csm could either be all bolter with combi bolter on champion, maybe even stick a reaper chaincannon in there too. If you're running them all chainsword put a powerfist or axe on the champion.

Hope this helps.
Made in gb
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker

Southampton, UK

Heldrake always with the flamer, never the autocannon
Made in se
Regular Dakkanaut

Infernal enrapturess
Contorted epitome
Can only be built and used one way so go ahead.

The Daemon Prince usually have two Talons (hands) and wings but if you take him/her as Chaos Daemon Prince of Slaanesh they have a relic blade called Soulstealer thats good or my favorite Khorne withe relic axe Skullreaver!!! i did 24W to a Blood Angels Captain and this is not calculating the MW wich should have been 3-9.

Terminators as above if not Combi-Bolters and Chainaxe.

Guess you don't want to magnetize?
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