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So currently I'm going through an organised model purge of things that I'm just never getting around to building so that I can free up space and money and reduce my overhead of models. The new Bonereapers force for AoS has really caught my eye so ideally I'm freeing up money and space for them.

AoS wise I'm currently building armies of:
Daughters of Khaine
Hedonites of Slaanesh (likely to get some Slaves to Darkness support)
Skaven (kinda bought a load and its now mostly on hold - its one of those big question mark armies for me but I think I'll hold onto it for now)

40K wise I've got:
Tyranids - a whole mish mash and it was my original 40K army that I will hold onto. One day I hope to get the itch and resume a massive rebuild of much of the core of it as well as expand it with loads of the new models.
Necrons - a few build warriors and then a few boxes unbuilt. I started the year with them as a big plan to build up and since then AoS has fully taken hold of me.

What I'm getting rid of is mostly a lot of high elves in boxes, some wood elf, battlefleet gothic, wood elf and some assorted random stuff.

However I'm also sitting here staring at the Necrons trying to work out if I should stick with them or not. I love the theme and design ideas behind the army and really like their cryptek monsters and beasties. FW also has some great models for them with centipede style battle units up to a huge war titan. However I also can't ignore that I've hardly build a single necron (ok I've built 3) and in the end I'm left wondering if the new bone construct army is just going to interest me far more so. It also doesn't help that GW is revitalising the Eldar line of models and if new guardians and such start appearing along with plastic and not finecast (or overpriced ebay metal) aspect warriors start appearing I might feel the pull toward the other woreshippers of Khaine.

Of course it could also be that I'm just mentally chasing the "newest shiny thing".

I've got 2 getting started sets, 2 immortal sets and a command barge - so that's already quite a nice solid core of models. However with only 3 bits actually built its also ample room to jump ship now rather than have them gathering dust.

So any advice or just straight up "go for it" or "avoid" thoughts or such. I don't want to hold onto waste stuff and I equally don't want to get caught up in a whirlwind of clearing space and clear too much stuff out that I later find I regret.

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I personally don’t get rid of models as I often regret it later, but if you are determined to clean up some clutter I’d get rid of the infantry models and keep the vehicles, and model up the bone army with an eye towards using at least the infantry models as Necrons possibly down the line.

Personally, I’m doing something similar and have a handful of Stormcast models I received as birthday presents that I am using as a Custodes army.

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I'm normally the same in not getting rid of stuff, however I feel as if if I don't get practical with things then I'm just hanging onto things that I will always be putting off for another new force down the line.

Biggest issue is that I can very easily get whipped into interest by most armies (except space marines - don't know what it is about them as I love the lore, artwork and computer games but I can never get any real interest in wanting to own and build them).

A Blog in Miniature - now featuring reviews of many new Black Library books (latest Novellas) 
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