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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi Dakka, what do you think of this list? Bang on 2000pts

An aggresive triple iconoclast knight assault force, to shoot and stomp, with a Renegade 17 to hold the back-field and obliterators to buff up in the mid-field.
- I'll give the Avenger knight Vow of carnage, so he can rack up attacks especially against a horde army. Thermal knight will have Vow of Beastslayer and Lancer Vow of Dominance if needed.
- Avenger knight is the dreadblade and will pick Daemonic Vigor, as any of the outcomes are favourable for it
- Will pay for extra relic and WL trait, probably Rune of 'extra dreadblade' on the Thermal knight and maybe the +1 move/adv one on the Gatling knight
- Should be plenty of CP to double shoot the oblits for at least 2 turns, and hopefully they will be rr 1s to hit and wound.

<Iconoclast> Superheavy detachment (6CP)

Knight Despoiler (Veil of Medrengaard)
2 x Avenger Gatling Cannon

Knight Despoiler (warlord - Infernal Quest)
2 x Thermal Cannon

Renegade Knight Lancer

<Red Corsairs> Battalion (8CP)

Master of Possession
Cursed earth / Infernal power


3 x 5 CSM

3 Obliterators
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Looks solid. I feel like the list would be better served by dropping 1 oblit to upgrade the warpsmith to a lord discordant with elixir though. Draws heat from your knights and is otherwise damn fast and killy.
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