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Would like some advice on Deathwatch Veteran Squad model choices and loadouts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

So, I know I asked this question of you all while the Bolter Discipline rule was still being tested. And, at that point, Deathwatch could use SIA with Bolter Discipline. When the Bolter Discipline rule was finally set in stone, Deathwatch could not use SIA with it. So, they were not able to reach their peak effectiveness. It made a few of the units weaker than they had been.

I'm curious how you all set up your Deathwatch Veteran Squad. This is the recommendation I got before:

1 x Black Shield with TH/SS
4 x Veteran with SB/SS
2 x Vanguard Veterans with Heavy Thunder Hammers
3 x Biker with 1 x Power Sword

Combat squad then from there so that you’d have five foot sloggers and five fast attack.

Since SIA and Bolter Discipline can't be used together all of the time, I've had this suggestion to set it Veteran squads:

1 x Veteran Sergeant with SB/SS
5 x Veteran with SB/SS
1 x Biker,
1 x Vanguard Veteran
2 x Terminators with SB and power mauls.

I don't know if this team can be run as Combat Squads because of the models chose

Any advice would be great!



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40K - T'au Empire
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Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

If I existed in a wibbly world of having every model loaded out perfectly competitively, I'd run:

-10 vets with SB/SS (One being a sarge)

Slap that mofo into a drop pod and just deep strike directly to the forehead turn 1.

I dunno I guess you could go with a biker and barebones vanvet and use the strat to deep strike them normally, but if something charges you its eating 30 attacks so like, do you even need to fall back? And then you don't show up turn 1.
Made in gb
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

East of England

The good loadouts for vets are:

Termis (power sword axe or fist, ymmv) and detachable cyclones
Van Vets (double pistol, or pistol and ss)
SS/SB vets (like 65% of your vet force)
Stalker/SS vets (at least 4 for backfield camping)
TH sarg/blackshield
coupla chainsword/sb dudes for some flex
a few bikes
a heavy bolter vet (for the strat)
some missile vets

Those are the dudes you want in your collection. You may want to dabble with combi-vets too. Exact numbers will depend on your preferred playstyle. Basically, proxy them until you get a feel of what you like best. Or better yet, bite the bullet and magnetise those suckers. It will take a few hours, but will change the way you think about playing deathwatch. doooo itttt.
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