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Made in ca
Imperial Recruit in Training

Hi folks.

I’m looking for some advice on building some mono Astra Militarum lists under 8th edition, having returned to 40k after a 15ish year break. I’ve got a lot of older miniatures, which I’d like to use, and that constrains my list building, somewhat: I’m okay if something doesn’t get used, but I’d rather not have to go out and spend if it can be avoided.

I’ve got the codex, played a couple of games with my kids, read through the tactics thread etc. Now I’d like to build up some themed detachments that can work together.

What would you do with these models? I’d appreciate advice on both list making, and how you would employ the units.

Troops / Elites / HQ:
I’m listing these models in infantry squads, but if you think they’d be better of as special weapons / veterans / etc, feel free to shift stuff around.

Love these guys, like their regimental doctrines etc. My preference would be for these guys to be the ‘human wave’ dashing forward to hold ground.

3 x Inf Squad (1 sgt, 8 x lasguns, 1 x Flamer)
2 x Inf Squad (1 sgt, 8 x lasguns, 1 x Grenade launcher)
10 x heavy weapon teams: 3 x lascannon, 3 x mortars, 1 x heavy bolter


12 guardsmen: 7 x lasguns, 4 x flamers, 1 x meltagun
3 x officers (could be platoon or company commanders)

I guess could shuffle around some heavy weapons to make more infantry squads, but I’m short of sergeant models. Or run some bare infantry squads (or even conscripts) and some veterans / special weapons squads / command squads.


Thanks to a recent awesome trade that saw a wholesale clear out of my metal Cadians (never been a big fan) I’ve now got my hands on one of the most fluffy regiments ever produced by GW. Under 8th edition they have been consigned to the warp, so I was thinking of running them as either Cadians, Mordians or Vostroyans (I think any of these fits their fluff as stiff upper lipped professionals firing deadly accurate volleys as waves of xenos rush to overwhelm them). This would be the firebase / rear area support / deep strike denial.

4 sergeants, 24 lasguns, 1 meltagun, 3 grenade launchers, can be made up to 4 squads by adding heavy weapons teams.
10 heavy weapons teams: 3 x mortars, 3 x lascannons, 2 x missile launchers, 2 x heavy bolters

Armageddon steel legion

So, if used, this is the mechanised guard. I’m equally happy for them to footslog, since transport options aren’t great in 8th edition, but at least their doctrine / orders / stratagem combo makes riding in APCs somewhat viable.

2 x Infantry squad (1 x sgt, 8 x lasgun, 1 x Grenade launcher)
1 x Infantry squad (1 x sgt, 8 x lasgun, 1 x plasma gun)
3 x Infantry squad (1 x sgt, 6 x lasgun, 1 x plasma gun, 1 x heavy weapon team with missile launcher)
2 x Infantry squad (1 x sgt, 6 x lasgun, 1 x Grenade launcher, 1 x heavy weapon team with missile launcher)
1 x Infantry squad (1 x sgt, 8 x lasgun, 1 x flamer*)
*The flamer is a conversion and would work equally well as a heavy flamer in a veteran squad

6 x heavy weapon teams: 4 x lascannons, 2 x heavy bolters
9 guardsmen: 1 x plasma gun, 1 x grenade launcher, 7 x lasgun
6 x officers / sergeants

Miscellaneous Stuff


Storm Troopers
These are the kasrkin metal models. I guess these guys could be Elesians / militarum tempestus scions etc. Not a fan of them really, and would be happy to not include them, but obviously they provide some tactical flexibility.
1 squad: 1 x sgt, 1 x plasma, 1 x melta, 7 x (hotshot?) lasguns

Fast Attack
Rough Riders
1 troop tallarn rough riders: 1 x sgt with chainsword, 4 x troopers with lances

Salamander Scout Vehicle: Autocannon and Heavy bolter

Other Characters
2 x Commisars / officers with sword and powerfist
3 x Commisars / officers with sword and bolt pistol
1 x Commisar / officer with chain sword and bolt pistol


2 x Gryphon pattern chimera (Twin heavy bolter turret, + heavy bolter in hull)
3 x Chimera (multilaser, hull mounted heavy bolter)
1 x Chimera (multilaser, hull mounted heavy bolter, storm bolter)
1 x Chimera (multilaser, hull mounted heavy bolter, heavy stubber, dozer blade)
1 x Chimera (multilaser only) – I’m guessing this conversion isn’t playable?

1 x Basilisk (heavy bolter)
1 x hydra (heavy bolter)
1 x manticore (heavy bolter)


1 x destroyer tank hunter
1 x LRBT Vanquisher, hull mounted lascannon
1 x LRBT Conqueror, 3 x heavy bolter
1 x LRBT Annihilator, hull mounted lascannon, heavy bolter, multimelta (no longer a legal combo?)
1 x LRBT with battle cannon, hull mounted lascannon, 2 x heavy bolters
1 x LRBT with battle cannon, hull mounted lascannon, 2 x heavy plasma

Alternative turret: Demolisher

Super Heavy Tanks
Stormsword: stormsword siege cannon, 2 x twin heavy bolters, 2 x twin heavy flamers
Shadowsword: volcano cannon, 2 x twin heavy bolters
Both of these are forgeworld resin and are missing the now obligatory lascannon sponsons, but I might be persuaded to purchase a third baneblade variant …

So that’s it. What would you do with this lot? Any and all advice welcome.

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Transports are poor this edition.

For pure Astra Militarum, you always want at LEAST a core of 3 either bare bones 10 man infantry squads, ideally with no special weapons and mortar squads to camp objectives, and two company commanders.
This is the loyal 32 and gives you 8 CP and a solid core.
Probably up to 3 more units without mortars to screen tanks.
Then fill the rest of the points with things you love, especially if you're building from models you have as opposed to new stuff.

If you're playing with family, then lists don't matter.
Just make sure that if you have tons of armour you give the other list enough heavy weapons to handle it!

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Made in ca
Imperial Recruit in Training

Thank you Lifeistorment.

I should have clarified, I'm looking to play against other opponents outside the family. I'm not planning to start playing in tournaments (well, maybe lfgs ones eventually), but I'd prefer not to get smashed all the time.

So my core would be

Battalion +5 CP


2 x Company Commanders


3 x Infantry Squads with mortars

But given that these guys will be parking on objectives, so probably unable to completely hide, does it make sense to use different / direct fire heavy weapons and use the squad as an ablative shield? I was thinking that I'd put my mortars into a heavy weapons squad and hide them behind something.

If I was to use my Praetorian models for this core, which doctrine would you recommend? Or would valhallans work well because of their resistance to morale tests, and ability to fire into combat if (when) the screen gets bumped?

If I'm then going to have some units for screening tanks, would it make sense to create another Battalion?

Which of the tanks would you recommend?
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