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Made in gb
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So the previous Sentinel-tastic list didn't have the firepower I had hoped... Also needed some more screens.

Take three! List creation rules are at the bottom of the post.

500pts Steel Legion Regiment

43pts Infantry squad with grenade launcher
43pts Infantry squad with grenade launcher

20pts Platoon commander, warlord
96pts Ogryn squad (3 Ogryns, 1 bonehead)

Fast Attack
115pts 3 sentinels with 2 autocannon and 1 multilaser

Heavy Support
33pts Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 mortars

Dedicated Transports
78pts Chimera - 2 x hve bolter, 1 x Hve stubber
72pts Taurox - 2 x autocannon, 1 x Storm Bolter

List build rules are
Combat Patrol Detachment (+0 Command points)
1-3 Troops
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support
0-1 extra choice from: Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support
You may include 1 dedicated transport for each other choice, up to a maximum of 2 dedicated transports total.
- Your Combat Patrol Detachment must only consist of units from a single ITC faction.
- No model may have an armour save better than a 3+ or invulnerable save better than a 4+. Saves cannot be improved beyond these limits (including by a +1 to the roll) by anything except cover.
- No model may have toughness 8 or higher.
- No model may have more than 6 wounds, unless it is a dedicated transport. Dedicated transports may have a maximum of 10 wounds
- Dedicated Transports may only be taken for a unit that is capable of embarking in it
- Lords of War, HQs, and Fortifications are not permitted
- Forge World units are not permitted
- No named or unique characters/units are allowed
- You may not include more than 40 models or 250ptsof any one type of model (e.g. Conscripts). Unit champions (or equivalent) count towards this total.
- Units cannot increase their model count above their starting size through any means
- No model may start the game off the battlefield, unless it is in a dedicated transport. This means the deep-strike/similar is not allowed. Furthermore, a unit may not leave the battlefield voluntarily by any means.
- Summoning is not allowed
- Relics are not allowed
- Warlord Traits will be used as normal. If you have any models with the character keyword, one of them must be chosen as your Warlord. Warlords without the character keyword do not generate warlord traits.
- Specialist Detachments are allowed
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