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Hello there!

Welcome to the Bad Squiddo Games uberthread! Which is currently a baby - the thread, not the Squiddo! I've been posting for a while in various smoller threads, but it's about time we created a beast.

Bad Squiddo is run by myself (Annie) and was formed in 2015 following the end of my previously successful business "The Dice Bag Lady" (It was brilliant until I gave myself multiple long term wrist injuries!)
We started with the goal to make "Believable Female Miniatures", to create more choice when people are choosing female minis for their wargames and painting hobby. Choice is the key word.

Since then it has grown and grown and we have sidelines such as weird and wonderful critters, and unusual scatter terrain.

We make miniatures in 28mm, our largest historical lines are Women of WW2, Dark Ages and Feudal Japan. We have a surprisingly large range of sci fi miniatures "Ghosts of Gaia" and we dip in and out of lots of genres and time periods. We're based in the UK in Nottingham, heart of the lead belt, and work with a really solid bunch of professionals. You can buy direct or through a number of retailers across the world.

All our goodies can be found at

For those new to us, here is a taster of what we do:

This thread will be updated with all our comings and goings!

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Some really cool designs here.
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Gonna get some of those at some point.
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You have no idea how long I've looked for a 28mm-scale moose! Awesome!

For thirteen years I had a dog with fur the darkest black. For thirteen years he was my friend, oh how I want him back. 
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YAY, thank you!

We're gearing up for a sweeeet release and big announcement this week too.....

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I do a thing on the facebook page ( www.facebook.com/thedicebaglady ) called Sunday Morning Coffee. It's every Sunday Morning...and there's coffee! It's 10am unless stated otherwise and a bit of a catch up on the week's happenings and any things to show off and news for the following week. It's usually half an hour and super informal.

This week I'll be using it to give first notice of something IMMENSE. So you know, come along. Put kettle on!

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We are over the moon to present to you our latest release - the 28mm version of the Bofors 40mm AA gun, with some fantastically characterful crew.

Sculpted by the incredible Rob Macfarlane, this piece is truly a work of art and sure to be the centerpiece on many gaming tables.


If you click the link you will see lots more information and pictures. There's even an ATS lady having a cuppa. It comes with male and female options for the firing seats, the former if you want to use it historically and the latter if you want rule of cool or for pulp gaming/Sealion scenarios.

All these photos are of casts, not renders or prints.


Following up from this excitement, we are delighted to announce a whole wave of home font British WW2 miniatures to accompany our existing range. This will be via the medium of Kickstarter during late November.

You are encouraged to join in with the project - like a school group! We're already working away sharing pictures and information to bring you just what you - and the wargaming community as a whole - need. Come over to Baggy's Cave (The Official Bad Squiddo Games Group) and WARGAMING OPERATION SEALION (on facebook!) where the fun is at! You'll get more input on this than any project we've worked on yet.

More details will be dripped at you over the next month, but just think now how amazing your table is gonna look with WAAFs, WRENs, Lumberjills............pigeons! And lots lots more.

The bofors will be in the KS as an add on but at the same price as this pre order deal - so it's entirely up to you on how long you can wait, but if you pre order the bofors on the website now you SHOULD get it for Christmas (can't promise but looking likely) and you can back the KS for whatever amount you like minus the bofors (or with, if you want more!)

Please do share around, this is wonderful news!

Thank you!


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Guess who's back in production after a long hiatus? Only blooming Baggy the Bag and his Squiddo Propelled Rocket Launcher! Remoulded and betterer than ever, glad to have you back mate.


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Really looking forward to your Sealion releases! Already thinking of getting the land army to bolster my militia.Also I heard that you are making some CoC scenarios with the Lardies, is that true?
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