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Hello there!

Welcome to the Bad Squiddo Games uberthread! Which is currently a baby - the thread, not the Squiddo! I've been posting for a while in various smoller threads, but it's about time we created a beast.

Bad Squiddo is run by myself (Annie) and was formed in 2015 following the end of my previously successful business "The Dice Bag Lady" (It was brilliant until I gave myself multiple long term wrist injuries!)
We started with the goal to make "Believable Female Miniatures", to create more choice when people are choosing female minis for their wargames and painting hobby. Choice is the key word.

Since then it has grown and grown and we have sidelines such as weird and wonderful critters, and unusual scatter terrain.

We make miniatures in 28mm, our largest historical lines are Women of WW2, Dark Ages and Feudal Japan. We have a surprisingly large range of sci fi miniatures "Ghosts of Gaia" and we dip in and out of lots of genres and time periods. We're based in the UK in Nottingham, heart of the lead belt, and work with a really solid bunch of professionals. You can buy direct or through a number of retailers across the world.

All our goodies can be found at

For those new to us, here is a taster of what we do:

This thread will be updated with all our comings and goings!

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Violent Enforcer

Skelleftea, Sweden

Some really cool designs here.
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Gonna get some of those at some point.
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Ferocious Black Templar Castellan


You have no idea how long I've looked for a 28mm-scale moose! Awesome!

For thirteen years I had a dog with fur the darkest black. For thirteen years he was my friend, oh how I want him back. 
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YAY, thank you!

We're gearing up for a sweeeet release and big announcement this week too.....

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I do a thing on the facebook page ( www.facebook.com/thedicebaglady ) called Sunday Morning Coffee. It's every Sunday Morning...and there's coffee! It's 10am unless stated otherwise and a bit of a catch up on the week's happenings and any things to show off and news for the following week. It's usually half an hour and super informal.

This week I'll be using it to give first notice of something IMMENSE. So you know, come along. Put kettle on!

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We are over the moon to present to you our latest release - the 28mm version of the Bofors 40mm AA gun, with some fantastically characterful crew.

Sculpted by the incredible Rob Macfarlane, this piece is truly a work of art and sure to be the centerpiece on many gaming tables.


If you click the link you will see lots more information and pictures. There's even an ATS lady having a cuppa. It comes with male and female options for the firing seats, the former if you want to use it historically and the latter if you want rule of cool or for pulp gaming/Sealion scenarios.

All these photos are of casts, not renders or prints.


Following up from this excitement, we are delighted to announce a whole wave of home font British WW2 miniatures to accompany our existing range. This will be via the medium of Kickstarter during late November.

You are encouraged to join in with the project - like a school group! We're already working away sharing pictures and information to bring you just what you - and the wargaming community as a whole - need. Come over to Baggy's Cave (The Official Bad Squiddo Games Group) and WARGAMING OPERATION SEALION (on facebook!) where the fun is at! You'll get more input on this than any project we've worked on yet.

More details will be dripped at you over the next month, but just think now how amazing your table is gonna look with WAAFs, WRENs, Lumberjills............pigeons! And lots lots more.

The bofors will be in the KS as an add on but at the same price as this pre order deal - so it's entirely up to you on how long you can wait, but if you pre order the bofors on the website now you SHOULD get it for Christmas (can't promise but looking likely) and you can back the KS for whatever amount you like minus the bofors (or with, if you want more!)

Please do share around, this is wonderful news!

Thank you!


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Guess who's back in production after a long hiatus? Only blooming Baggy the Bag and his Squiddo Propelled Rocket Launcher! Remoulded and betterer than ever, glad to have you back mate.


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Fresh-Faced New User

Really looking forward to your Sealion releases! Already thinking of getting the land army to bolster my militia.Also I heard that you are making some CoC scenarios with the Lardies, is that true?
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Yes we sure are, we're working together on it for rules and scenarios to make sure we've got the minis to cover their rules and they've got the rules to cover our rules, I am really excited! More information as we go along! I've had some great chats with Rich already, it's nice to be mutually enthused!

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Enginseer with a Wrench

Ah, great to see a dedicated thread. This is such a great resource

Actually, while I'm posting, the 'My heroine' piece (central image, second line of the first picture) reminded me. A while back, I converted some figures representing the characters from Gav Thorpe's Honour to the Dead, a short story about space marines evacuating alongside a civilian woman and her child.

I always wanted to finish it off by building the the third marine carrying Varinia – the an injured civilian – and Pexilius (her baby), but could never find an injured female figure that I could use as a base for Varinia. You haven't got any ideas for (perhaps) a Dark Age figure or a woman in a tunic that's perhaps limping, or being carried? The only thing I've found so far are sprawling 'slave-girl' type figures, which isn't at all the atmosphere I want; I need someone who looks ailing, but determined.

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+Death of a Rubricist+
My miniature painting blog.
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Apologist - nice! I can't think of any I am afraid, I will let you know if I do bump into anything!


A Halloween time reminder we do spoooooky things!

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Hallowed Canoness

Annie, sadly the image are broken in here. I suspect referrer problem. I can reupload them somewhere I guess?

"Our fantasy settings are grim and dark, but that is not a reflection of who we are or how we feel the real world should be. [...] We will continue to diversify the cast of characters we portray [...] so everyone can find representation and heroes they can relate to. [...] If [you don't feel the same way], you will not be missed"
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Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Portsmouth UK

i can see all the pics...

Check out my gallery here
Also I've started taking photos to use as reference for weathering which can be found here. Please send me your photos so they can be found all in one place!! 
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Are they working now?

Made in au
Making Stuff

Under the couch

Yup, seems to be working fine.

Made in ie
Been Around the Block

What was the story with the photo of the ping-pong balls on the Bad Squiddo FB page? It was hinted they were for a project I believe.
Made in fr
Hallowed Canoness

I'm sorry, my bad, it was all because of Firefox's new anti-tracking feature, because the pics are hosted by twitter, so Firefox refused to display them. Works again if you disable the feature.
Still, if it affects me, potentially affects other Firefox users!

"Our fantasy settings are grim and dark, but that is not a reflection of who we are or how we feel the real world should be. [...] We will continue to diversify the cast of characters we portray [...] so everyone can find representation and heroes they can relate to. [...] If [you don't feel the same way], you will not be missed"
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Bad Squiddo is working with TooFatLardies and Sarissa Precision to expand our Home Front WW2 range, including new vehicles, guns and rules.

We specialise in 28mm female minis, which is why this focuses on women only, though there are a few chaps involved! They fit excellently with the existing chap models you no doubt own.

TooFatLardies are writing rules and scenarios which will tie in with the miniatures, for maximum fun.

Our existing range already covers medics and various ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service), Women's Home Defence and Land Army.

Take a look! These are all available now https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/British/c/36713219/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

We've produced all of this range so far traditionally but are taking to Kickstarter following the success of our previous campaigns to get some real movement in expanding this. It will start of 24th November.

The WW2 range is my personal favourite, and I have been loving burying myself in research.

Some acronyms for future reference:

WRENS - Women's Royal Naval Service
WAAF- Women's Auxiliary Air Force
ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service
WVS - Women's Volunteer Service
WTC - Women's Timber Corps/Lumberjills
SOE - Special Operations Executive

We will be covering all these and more.

The better the KS goes, the more we will be making, so all your support is...immense...and more cool minis!

First mini to show you (we have more, but it would be spoiling you to show you them all at once!)

One of the Lumberjills

Keep an eye on the thread as I update it with news and pictures!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Ancient Otter wrote:
What was the story with the photo of the ping-pong balls on the Bad Squiddo FB page? It was hinted they were for a project I believe.

ping pong balls!

They were going to be weather balloons, but might be too big, I still have more measuring and scaling to do

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Hello! I've been so busy I haven't been able to update, but alas here I am!


We're onto 15th December. This one is longer than usual as it's very people driven. Want something to exist? Nag for it


The "stretch goal pool" I am finding exciting. You can vote for certain things to be unlocked sooner and other cool interactive things.

And we're halfway funded already so soon the real excitement can begin!

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Incorporating Wet-Blending

Looks great. Hard to find a civilian without a weapon in their hand, much less livestock!

Everything is easy when you expect someone else to do it. 
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The ATS with rifles on the Kickstarter are still mid sculpting, but for a good idea of what they will look like, here you go!

The Kickstarter is historical but with the opportunity to use them for "what if" style pulp scenarios. So while they were not in active combat, many were trained in the use of rifles and other combat methods in case of the invasion of Britain.

So the minis could be used to show them training, or full on in combat, depending what game you're using them for and well, whatever you want to do - they'll be your minis!

Ours will be wearing the gear shown here, and wielding Enfields of course.

The KS is nearly funded so get on in and we can start unleashing some stretch goals!


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Now onto the stretchy party!

First stretch goal announced, and not far off unlocking! Come check out the details and add some flair to your WW2 gaming!

*waves from tractor*

"I'm on a tractor!"

Do tell your friends, it's bl*ck fr*day and trying to get any posts seen is a right mission!


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Evening friends!

Some splendid progress going on here. We've unlocked the tractor driver...hooray! So you can add this to your pledge with certainty... if you want! I mentioned in the last update I'll do a "how to pledge" video for those newbies or people uncertain how it works, I will be doing this tomorrow afternoon so keep an eye out.
Driver: Single piece metal miniature - Tractor: Multipart MDF Kit by Sarissa Precision

Which puts us onto our next unlock!

He's doing some more tweaks tonight, hopefully including a birb attached to a deflated parachute.

I appreciate you backing when there aren't photos of all the "Starter Pledge" minis yet, it means a lot. I am hoping the combination of description and our previous minis help you get a good idea. However it can always be hardsometimes to visualise. Our main sculptor Alan is currently sculpting away like there's no tomorrow on a whole host of minis - the WRNs, ATA & ATS with rifles - but some of the stretch goals too.

In the meantime I got our artist Martin Whitmore to do some concept art. He's currently working on the WRNs, they should be finished tonight but I wanted to show you what he has for us so far, just one left:

Much better than my silhouettes! Cool hey!

Sunday Morning Coffee

You may or may not know, but every Sunday Morning at 10am GMT I run a half hour live stream called Sunday Morning Coffee. It sums up the weekly happenings at Bad Squiddo Games and is interactive so you can ask questions and join in the chat. Tomorrow morning will be focussed on the Kickstarter of course. If you aren't around, you will be able to watch it back on the Facebook page or Youtube.

The stream is on Facebook live, so just come here at 10am GMT Sunday!


While I have been typing, Ristul has updated me with the pigeons and they are the best thing ever. Can you find... camera pigeon... messenger pigeon... pigeon in a bag...pigeon in a parachute capsule....?
You don't get a knight, he's there for scale!

Research coming to life

A few weeks ago I visited London to further the research so spent a day at the Imperial War Museum and the National Army Museum. I lured along Anjuli AKA Geek Girl Book Worm (who will be painting some of these minis on her Twitch stream, I will keep you updated.

Amongst many things, I saw this cool pigeon jacket, which started a chain of research and inspiration to make the pigeon heroes! So of course this jacket is immortalised in the kit now.

Thank you for helping make this dream come true,

time to chill for the evening, and I'll catch you tomorrow morning!


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Incorporating Wet-Blending

FB live video and Land Army Picnic at 29 minutes!

Everything is easy when you expect someone else to do it. 
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Good evening, we have had a couple of unlocks since the last update... hooray!

Firstly, I said that Marty had been working on some artwork, we had 4/5 WRNs last update, so now have all five!

What a fine set!

He also then pretty much pleaded to do more artwork as he likes the project so much. One of the things I adore about the team of sculptors, casters, and artists we work with is how excited they get about the minis and mission. They quite often get inspired and go off on their own tangent, and I love it. More on that below!

So I "begrudgingly" accepted Marty's wish and so quickly he had returned with a full colour artwork for me, amazing.

I've tinkered it into a poster, I'll share the "raw" art in another update, but I wanted to show off my poster!

If you have backed any of our previous campaigns you will be familiar with how I love the merch. I upgraded the stickers in the Amazons & Dwarves Kickstarter to die cut vinyl, and this lady is crying out for it. So I am sure that will be a thing, but a later unlock, as of course funds should firstly go to MOAR MINIS.

Damn right. The pigeons are unlocked baby. Better pictures to come (I left my drawing stylus at the office).

This is possibly the greatest pack to ever exist ever.

They will all be in resin, you can get a pack of 12 pigeons for £10. These are not period specific (ie they have no "gear") so you can use them for anything there might be pigeons. Or doves! The basket set features more pigeons "doin' jobs". THEY'RE DOIN' JOBS!

Seriously you should have seen me on Saturday when the pictures came through from Ristul. Every 10 minutes or so I would declare "ONE OF THEM HAS A CAMERA!" or words to that sense. The second pack is £12 but likely to rise post KS.

You can get even more of a discount by ordering the two at once for £20. I never imagined I'd be having a Sunday evening phonecall with the head of the casting company about pigeons. So thanks Louis for giving me some time pre Sunday Roast (very important in Britain) to deal with my pigeon casting questions. And "Louis! One of them has a camera on!!!"
So the next stretch goal....

Unlocked before I could announce it! Neat! Good to see things speeding up!

Please excuse the terrible stock silhouette! I have a meeting with the sculptor Rob Macfarlane tomorrow who will be bringing the sculpt, so photos will be with you tomorrow, and maybe some video!

Despatch riders are basically messengers on motorbikes. We have gone for a Triumph bike, as, well I think they look the coolest. There are many kinds, but looking at women of WW2, WRNs were the most common. That's the Women's Royal Naval Service. It was a dangerous job as of course they were targeted, as they carried very important information.

I believe Rob has TWO SETS to show me, so I shall confirm tomorrow, but the first unlock will be the straight up woman riding motorcycle. A rough price estimate is around £8-£10 but I shall confirm tomorrow. It will be in metal.

So the NEXT unlock!

This will make a beautiful scenic piece on a hill perhaps. These air force ladies are launching a weather balloon, the theodolite is an instrument that measures the stats (specifically angles) of the balloon. The plans are to have Alan sculpt the women (he may have started!) and Rob on the instruments, as they work best in digital for precision.

I have lots more to talk about but this update has taken long enough and that's enough reading for you today! Tomorrow I will be showing you the bike, maybe a hero dog if you are good.....

Thank you for supporting this. Please do remember to increase your pledge for anything that's been unlocked that you want so far, as it will help unlock more as we go along.

I've not been very well lately and there's only one of me, so some activities have been pushed back (there is cool interactive stuff coming!) and thanks for being understanding about that,

Oh if you missed the live video on Sunday, here it is


See I told you there was so much to talk about
7:30PM GMT Tuesday on http://twitch.tv/geekgirlbookworm

I'll be there in the chat answering questions and cheering her along. I sent two of our lovely minis to Anjuli to paint, and I can't wait to see what she does with them.

Do check out Anjuli's work, she is VERY EXCELLENT all around, and has been a great and supportive friend , as well as being far too much fun working on the stand at Warfare a few weeks ago.

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A quick update as I am so sleepy!


To be honest, I was gonna go for the one unlock then I found this quote and pretty much instantly fell in love with Nancy.

"A little powder and a little drink on the way, and I'd pass their (German) posts and wink and say, 'Do you want to search me?' God, what a flirtatious little bastard I was."

I was looking at the SOE concealed blade weapons, and like the idea of a pose of her being cheeky and flirtatious, but reaching for the stabby stabby.

Next unlock!

Lots of the land army were relocated "city girls" and so they had to quickly adapt to country life. One of the complaints was that the jumpers were itchy and that they had to wear trousers (remember this was a time where it wasn't commonplace for women to wear trousers). Other things were much more exciting, like the chance to ride horses. The lady riding this heavy horse is going to be DELIGHTED about it.

Also, getting these into production brings us one step closer to either unlocking or future releasing things the horse can be pulling, such as a plough or cart. An MDF cart (such as the Sarissa one, I will pop onto the add ons later on), filled with something to look like hay (maybe hay?!) with some of other land army packs in there would be immense.

Oh yeah and to unlock the chickens, people had to draw chickens, it was awesome!

Linkie again

And even more thanks!

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Marty has started drawing a 1940's Annie! :O So I'm guessing this will be a later stretch goal....

We've almost unlocked the horse & team!

Made in gb
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Land Army on horseback unlocked!

Hero Dogs next...

These are all based on real dogs, if you google any of their names with "WW2" after it, you'll be brought to lots of information and photo of them. They will melt your heart.

Beauty and Rip were blitz dogs in the UK, helping identify and rescue people in the rubble. Smoky isn't an English dog (she was stationed in America) but I found out about her and she has to be a mini so she's goin in! Still an allied doge. SHE HAD HER OWN PARACHUTE!

I figured these would be a lovely set with many uses outside of WW2 as well. They are being sculpted [as we speak!] by Jo Brumby, he also sculpted our peegs, bunnies, capybara & kitties.

Also I want to make a tea towel! More here!

Thank you!

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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

I'm going to get the Tractor and Driver and perhaps some other stuff - great project!
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