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Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

"Greenies and Gruntlegrots, welcome to the GobOlympic Games!"

"What an atmosphere we're enjoying here at the Bad Moon Arena and what a rousing rendition of our Goblin Anthem from Screech on the old bagpipes there."

"The Gobolympians are limbering up for a spectacular show of lean, green sporting events. But before we meet the teams competing for much coveted Golden Lune behind me here it's over to Gromm in the commentary box to give us a little refresher on some of the events we can look forward to."

"Thanks Motty."
"A great line up of events as ever. A nice variety of skill, athletics, random luck and abject terror as always, and I can't wait to to get into the action. But first up lets go over the rules and see what our Goblin Athletes are up against.

Squig Chase

The runners start with a three square lead ahead of a hungry Gnasher Squig chomping at their heels. The turn order is established each turn with a D6 roll the highest scoring runners moving first. Each goblin moving forward or diagonal a number of squares equal to his D6 roll.

Once all Goblin runners have moved the squigs give chase rolling a D6 each and moving in the same way.

Squigs don't have to chase the goblin they were behind at the beginning. Any Squig that can catch a goblin with his D6 roll must do so. A caught Goblin gets chomped and is out of the race!

There are bonus X markers along the track. Goblins grabbing a bonus as they race along will be allowed to substitute their next D6 roll for a D8 roll.
Any X bonuses missed by the Goblins can be picked up and used by the Squigs!
The first Goblin over the finish line is the winner. Or the last to be caught by the squigs.


This is the Whakka-Squig arena. There are nine squigs in the centre ready to break D6 squares in every direction.

Once the squigs are scattered the Goblin whacker is dropped into the centre of the arena.

He has one D20 roll of movement points to go around and whack as many squigs as he can. Moves can be made to any adjacent square including diagonals.

Points per squig are awarded as indicated for each band on the arena from 1 to 4 with squigs in the outer bands being worth more than an easy to reach central squig.

Tot up the points and see who won. Between the initial squig scatter, the D20 roll, the number of squigs reached and their value there are a few ways to get lucky.


This original classic green sport sees the Night Goblin Fanatic take centre stage in a field of targets.

Rolling a series of 3 Scattering D8's the fanatic will bounce around the field collecting 2 points per snotling, 3 points per squig and 4 points per corner target.

A roll of a "hit" on the scatter dice allows the fanatic to move the D8 roll in the direction of his choice. However he must move the full distance in a straight line.

The fanatic who picks up the most points wins.


No great surprise that archery is on the list given the ubiquitousness of goblins with bows in every goblin collection . So what are the official GobOlympic rules?
The contenders line up and before them are arrayed in increasing levels of difficulty a selection of targets.

First in turn is the hungry squig. Assuming the very best efforts of each shooter will be made (in the interest of remaining unchomped) the goblins will require a D6 roll of 3+ to hit the squig running at them.

Anyone who misses gets chomped and is eliminated from this round.
Next up is the Snotling Shoot. A roll of 4+ will be required to hit these smaller targets.

Anyone who "can't even hit a snotling" will be mercilessly mocked and boo'd off.
The last challenge requires a 5+ roll to hit the target and pick up the full 3 points for the round.
The medal goes to the most points scored after 3 rounds with any ties going to sudden death where the goblins shot simultaneously at each other. Last goblin standing takes the victory.

Doom Dive

The doom diver catapult is set some distance away from the target area.

The diving goblin rolls a D20 for his outward flight.

The flying goblin is moved forward this many squares and then scatters D8 squares.

The goblin is again placed accordingly but of course being a highly trained and skilled athlete he can now flap D6 squares in an attempt to land squarely on target.

1 point is awarded for landing within the Squig field, 3 points for the Snotling field and 5 points for the gold.

Each "athlete" will get three attempts and any points scored will count toward their total.

Bat Snatch


This is a game of speed and skill in the ancient goblin art of netting. The competitors take up their positions in the corners of the arena cage and five bats are released inside.

Each bat scatters D6 squares in turn and any bat landing within a goblins netting zone must make a roll for its initiative.

The goblin also rolls for his initiative trying to equal or beat the bat. If he succeeds the bat is removed from play and added to his count behind his corner.

Sometimes a bat's move will take it right through a netting zone and out the other side. If this happens the goblin can roll to try and snatch the bat but he'll need a 6 to grab it.

The game continues until all the bats are caught and the goblin who has bagged the most bats at the end of the game wins.
But what if the game ends without a clear winner? (Like in this test game where two goblins had two bats each and one goblin had one) Then we play a round called 'the Golden Snatch.'

This is a one on one battle over a single bat and the netting areas are bigger. The goblin who snatches the last bat wins.

Wolf Rider Steeplechase


The Steeplechase is run on a long circuit as big as you like with as many jumps as you have walls, fences, hedges or logs to furnish your course with.

Draw a start/finish line anywhere you like and line up your wolf riders.

The obligatory dice-off is required to decide the turn order.

To move you roll 3 D6. This tells you how many squares your wolf has run this turn. (The track is drawn on the same squared grid as all these have been) If you encounter a jump you must roll a D6 to see how well your wolf takes the jump.

In this example the wolf moves off the starting line rolling a total of 11 on his three D6. After moving forward 5 squares he encounters a jump and rolls a 5 (not a good jump!). Since he still has 6 movement points available he can clear the jump and finishes his move one square beyond it with his remaining point of movement.
If the jump roll exceeds the points remaining then the wolf has failed to jump and the players turn ends at the fence. He'll have more points to jump it next turn.

But of course being goblins out athletes aren't above a bit of foul play. Should you happen to be passing an opponent you can (indeed you are positively encouraged to) try to knock him off his wolf.
Players engaged in a little close quarters action roll off against each other with the attacker winning draws.

The losing goblin is laid out in the dust and misses a turn as the victor speeds away laughing.

Any player passing a prone goblin on the track can stick the boot in while he's down. In fact he is obliged to as a goblin sportsman.

Even though the unfortunate victim is in no position to defend himself he nonetheless presents a hazard to the attacker who must roll for the attack as usual. If he rolls a one he must stop there and may go no further this turn. (He got a little carried away stomping on the opposition)

The race lasts as many laps as you feel you have time for and the first Wolf Rider over the finish line is obviously the winner.

***MODS-please note I have no idea where this thread belongs. I intend to run a tournament of four Goblin teams and document the event for a bit of fun but I'm aware this is a bit outside the realm of WFB discussion. If there is somewhere more appropriate for this daft nonsense by all means show me the way.

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Made in fi
Been Around the Block


Doom dive is the favourite. More please.

Chariot race ?

Giant wolf riding (dont know the world, one where you get points for beauty and another one where they jump over fences but as its goblins probably get points for nastines and its ok to go under the fences too!)

There could be some orc action too. In archery they shoot apples in goblin hedz but the ones shooting the apples are wuzzies that ask for beating.

Goblin throw as a disc throw type of event using the scatter arrow. The goal is to throw that stunter in the audiance full of feral orcs.

Probably some athlete creation process where tou could pick different abilities like accuracy, brutality and so. Maybe gainig medals gives you exp to trade for extra gubbinz.

Chariot race would be the final event and the chariots could be pimped with medals to have death rally type of euipment. The last one on the track would most likely be the winner.

Goblin events would be the warm up events in orcolympics.

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Made in de
Average Orc Boy


Neat haha. Cool idea. Just irritated by the use of d20 for move, very rand, om. but hey its greenies
Made in gb
Highlord of Terra

Adrift within the vortex of my imagination.

Amai wrote:

Chariot race ?

Giant wolf riding (dont know the world, one where you get points for beauty and another one where they jump over fences but as its goblins probably get points for nastines and its ok to go under the fences too!)

Dis is a Nite gobolympics so no doggies. Squig hopper steeplechase, with treacherous jumps sounds more appropo.

n'oublie jamais

It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion. By the juice of the brew my thoughts aquire speed, my mind becomes strained, the strain becomes a warning. It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion.

As Fox owns the Aliens franchise and Disney owns Fox, Is the alien queen a Disney princess?
Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

Well to be honest The only condition is that it uses goblins from my own collection so that would include wolf riders and not Squig hoppers, sadly. I would love to include a Squig Hopper steeplechase. Maybe some day I'll buy some.

I'm using this as an excuse to paint up some long languishing goblin miniatures, especially an old metal doom diver set that's been decades in the procrastination zone. Busy collecting four teams together but there may be more events added too. Glad to have an enthusiastic audience.

In the meantime I've got a red team a yellow team a purple team and a blue team so if anyone wants to suggest a name for a team that'd be fun.

Made in fi
Been Around the Block

Gob Hobs. Yellow team. Sponsored by local mushroom cookies. Crazy bunch.

Goblin Skewerer could be in some event (or rock lobber).

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Made in gb
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

No spear chukka event? Using Bolt Throwers for Javelins amuses me? Also how about some spider action?

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
Von Gherens This Rough Magic Lackey, Flint & Freer
Mekagorkalicious -Monkeytroll
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Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

Well it's an idea I suppose. I can see the connection in a spear chukka/ javelin event, but what would that look like in game terms. How would you gamify that? How to make it funny and interesting and not just a one shot game. I'd almost prefer just using a regular goblin spearman as a base for a javelin competition. Roll for the run up, roll for the angle, roll for the throw, adjust for dirty tricks by the opposition. I'll have to think it over a bit.

I've added a couple of new events to the list already, Bat Snatch and Wolfrider Steeplechase. Also planning Spider Rider Polo! Still to figure that one out but I know that's where I'm heading as far as spiders are concerned.

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