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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

As the title suggests - this is for your favourite loadouts for a vehicle in Gaslands. Both fun and craziness builds.

My next crazy loadout is going to be a Rustys Bootleggers Drag Racer with a Sourmash Booster Trailer, for a guaranteed long straight, manoeuvre, then long straight again, every turn. it's going to be hell to try and control the thing! I struggled enough with a regular drag racer a few games ago (idris, of course), who had hot start, rolled a 6 for the gear, and immediately did 2 long straights into a shipping container (whilst crossing gate 1) and exploded!

Had fun last game combining a performance car (with trailer) with dead weight, a ram and a grabbing arm. count as heavy until my next activation, and if I'm rammed and evade, I can piledrive through everything on my slip away. I rolled pole position turn 1 and stayed ahead for half the game, using nothing, then got blown up and respawned behind everyone, and used nothing. Fun game though

what builds have you had the most fun / success / laughs out of?

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