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California Wilderness

Narrative 1st: Pictures below:
This will begin a new era for the family, thought Gaius. It is well known that he is the proud scion of a very wealthy family (his ancestors being very successful pirates and smugglers). Unfortunately, it has been far too recently that the family gained citizenship, when his grandfather served in the navy during the last war with Carthage. Captained his own ship he did. Wealth and property, but Gaius, Gaius Julius Iglesias in fact wants more! He longs to be a Senator.
The old families of Rome, however, have no intention of allowing such prestige to come to such an impudent upstart. They are willing to use his wealth of course but will make sure he does not receive any credit for victories but are more than willing to lay the blame for any defeats.
Somewhere in the northern Italy, there is a possibility. Gaius will give his daughter in marriage in order to solidify an alliance with an important Celtic chieftain. Unfortunately, Rome has lost contact with Hannibal’s army. Rumor says that the Carthaginians may send some Celts to intercept, but probably just old men and young boys. You’ll be home by the solstice they say. Hannibal is nowhere nearby.
Rome will give one legion along with some cavalry under two experienced commanders, but he must raise and pay for the rest of the army himself. Gaius has decided that he does not fear the fates so much, and the (hoped for) rewards are so great, he does, in fact, “dare to win or lose it all.”
The Commanders:
Gaius Julius Iglesias: Army commander
Rex Leonum: Commander of the Roman Legion. An experienced soldier
J. Tiberius Kirkus: Commander of the Roman Cavalry. Aggressive young hot-head
The Spartan: Real name unknown. Mercenary general commanding allied cavalry
The Forces:
XII Legion: Trained and experienced unit
Forgotten Legion: Partially trained unit raised from the scum of the earth
(both contain 12 skirmishers, 24 hastati, 24 pricepes & 12 triarii)
Italian allies: 2 units of 24 spearmen + 12 skirmishers
Greek mercenaries: 30 hoplites, 24 spearmen & 12 skirmishers
Roman Cavalry: 2 units of 12 heavy cavalry
Allied cavalry: 10 medium cavalry & 10 Light cavalry

But of course, Hannibal has tricked the Romans yet again. He just couldn’t bring his entire army.
Hannibal: The best there is
Hasdrubal: His brother, in command of the heavy cavalry
Hamilcar the Less: a forgotten uncle, commands the Numidians
The cavalry:
4 elephants
2 units of 10 Gaulish cavalry
2 units of 10 Spanish cavalry
3 units of 6 Numidian cavalry
The foot:
2 units of veteran spearmen (18 & 20)
1 units of Spanish (24)
2 units of Gauls (18 & 24)
3 units of skirmishers (12, 12 & 10)
2 units of slingers (8 & 6)

The plans:
1. The Legions will aggressively attack the enemy center
2. The allies will hold back to delay elephant onslaught
3. Right flank cavalry will hold back and delay enemy cavalry
4. Allied cavalry will try and push through Numidians

1. Use Heavy cavalry to overpower Roman right
2. Hold back in center while elephants do dirty work
3. Numidians keep skirmishing

Turn 1: Not much happens as armies approach and maneuver into position
Turn 2: Carthage wins initiative (after 3rd roll off)
• Skirmishers shoot it out with little effect: most units cause 1-2 casualties
• Gauls charge Roman cav2 – win by one, but Romans stay
• Spanish charge Roman cav1 – win by one, but Romans stay

Turn 2: Roman Phase
• Allied Heavy cav charge Balaeric slingers – lose one fig, but slingers are overrun
• Allied light cav charge Spanish slingers – no losses; Spanish escape
• XII Legion skirmishers charge and route Gaulish skirmishers, but allow them to escape so they don’t collide with steady infantry in support
• Forgotten Legions skirmishers charge and route Spanish skirmishers, they are overrun but they pursue to far and dissipate against the veteran spearmen
• The Gaulish HC again beat Roman Cav2, but they stay
• The Spanish HC again beat Roman Cav1, now joined by Kirkus, but they stay
The Allied HC are a little bit to close to elephants for their horses comfort, but the riders maintain control.
The Gaulish skirmishers rally behind the Carthaginian vets
Spanish slingers flee off board

Turn 3: Carthage initiative
• Elephants overrun allied skirmishers with little trouble
• The cavalry fight on the Carthage left is same as always: Gauls & Spanish win, but both Roman units grimly hang on under the stubborn Kirkus – who is wounded
• The nimble Numidians deploy to skirmish with allied cavalry

Turn 3: Roman phase
• Sensing trouble on the right flank, the Roman Triarii maneuver to guard the flank from a cavalry breakthrough
• Roman skirmishers kill 2 veteran spearmen
• The Legions advance to charge range
• The allies brace for (elephant) impact
• The Allied cavalry decide they will never catch Numidians, so try and charge through
• The Gaulish HC continue to defeat Roman Cav2, but they hang on again!
o They have passed morale tests of :7, 6, 5 & 4)
• Roman Cav1 finally breaks and is overrun by Spanish. Kirkus is not found – Roman cav2 is unphased by their route
• The Numidian “leopard shields” are outnumbered but just hold against the charge of allied light cavalry.

Gaius contemplates his fate while his daughter, Impedimenta, parties on:

Hannibal attends to his duties by observing the daily sacrifice

Cavalry engage on right - mid turn 2

J Tiberius Kirkus prepares his cavalry to receive the charge

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Roman Allies learn what it means to "Face the Elephant"

Sensing the right is close to breaking, the Triarii march to seal off the threat to the flank

Kirkus' last fight

Numidians doing their thing as Allied cav tries to ignore them

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End of turn 3
Romans failing on right, pressing on left and about to get serious in the center

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Longtime Dakkanaut

This looks seriously amazing, and beautifully painted models too
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Central California

The whole battle hangs in the balance and we break for a message from our sponsors? Oh the cruelty of not recording earlier...
And in seriousness, loving this. Well done, huge battle, great miniatures...and is Impedimenta still single?

Keeping the hobby side alive!

I never forget the Dakka unit scale is binary: Units are either OP or Garbage. 
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Mighty Vampire Count


Great humour, lovely models and a Senators daughter in need....


"Unimaginably ancient xenos artefact somewhere on the planet, hive fleet poised above our heads, hidden 'stealer broods making an early start....and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were bored. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas."
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"I will admit that some Primachs like Russ or Horus could have a chance against an unarmed 12 year old novice but, a full Battle Sister??!! One to one? In close combat? Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together... but just one Primarch?" da001


A Bloody Road - my Warhammer Fantasy Fiction 
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California Wilderness

More to come, I promise!

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I am assuming that you are using Hail Caesar as a ruleset?

Support Blood and Spectacles Publishing:
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Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

 Easy E wrote:
I am assuming that you are using Hail Caesar as a ruleset?

I use War & Conquest by Rob Broom

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Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

The fight continues:

Turn 4 – Carthage Initiative (from right to left – Roman point of view)
On the far right – the Gaulish heavy cav have finally broken the Romans, but they escape. The Spaniards have caught and overrun their opposite. Although the Carthaginians have swept the Roman cav from the field – the veteran legion commander has anticipated this and maneuvered his Triarii to block the threat.
In the right center, the Carthaginians smell blood and charge. This develops into a complicated scrum, with 3 Carthaginian units (Vets-Spanish-Vets) against 4 Roman Hastati. (it took me 3 tries to get the combat right). The Romans are generally victorious, but the Carthaginians hold.
The Roman left center is a disaster of epic proportions. The Carthaginian skirmishers fall back and the elephants charge. Each Roman allied unit is hit with two elephants. (In these rules each elephant has 4 attacks and the enemy fights back with five per elephant). Romans are trampled and both units break easily.
The second line decides they aren’t sticking around either and they flee. (Rules note: regular units roll 3 dice for morale checks if they are at 50% strength as here, then use the two lowest dice. The unit on the left rolled 6-6-6 and the unit on the right rolled 6-6-3). To make matters worse, the elephants over ran them. Four units – 102 figs, trampled by four elephants. Apparently, the presence of Gaius was not sufficient motivation.
On the Roman far left, the Numidians are not doing well, as the Roman allied cavalry has defeated two units, but fortunately Hannibal has sent a Unit off Gaulish infantry to block them.

Turn 4 – Roman phase
Gaius heads for the Roman camp – all by his Lonesome.
On his left, his Greek allied cavalry are still pushing the Numidians, but the breakthrough is stopped by the galls.
The left center has evaporated.
The Right center is pushing back the Carthaginian infantry.
The Triarii have sealed off the breakthrough on the far right.

Turn 5 – Carthage wins initiative again (from Roman point of view)
The heavy cav maneuver to Threaten Triarii – but no they are no threat to such formed infantry. The Gaulish medium cavalry hit a cohort of Princepes in the flank and route them. The Gauls let them escape so as to keep rolling up the flanks.
In the right center, the Legion Hastati continue to fight Hannibal’s veterans to a standstill. One cohort of Hastati disintegrates, as the 2nd veterans finally defeat them.
In the left center, Carthage manages to turn the elephants around, but the ride is so bumpy they only manage one wound to Gaius as he gallops away.
Hannibal’s Gaulish veterans maneuver to get a possible flank charge against the Roman second line.
On the far-left Hannibal’s Gauls drive off the Greek cavalry. The Spartan is killed.
Turn 5 -Roman Phase
The Lion king decides his only hope is to charge directly at Hannibal. The Romans are pressing the Spanish in the middle, but Hannibal’s presence keeps them in the fight, The Carthaginian veterans on both flanks of the Spanish are under-performing.
Some Roman troops have rallied and are desperate;y trying to protect their flanks.

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Bird's-eye view end of turn 4

What 4 elephants smashing your line looks like:

Hmm. Perhaps going with the lowest bidder wasn't such a good idea after all

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The scrum in the middle

Bird's eye view end turn 5
Look at the pretty elephants daddy!

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

The end has come

Turn 6 – Roman Initiative – too little too late
Nothing much by way of maneuvers, but the slugfest continued. One cohort of Princepes from 2nd legion came dangerously close to routing the Spanish infantry with Hannibal attached, but they just hang on.
Hannibals 1st vets finally defeat the last cohort of Legion 1 Hastati and position themselves to flank the unit fighting the Gaulish medium cavalry
Turn 6 Carthaginian phase
Smelling blood, the cavalry charge home, hoping to get lucky. There were eight combats in this the final turn.
• Spanish heavy cavalry charge Legion 1 Triarii, they are pushed back, but stay in the fight.
• Gaulish heavy cavalry charge Legion 2 Triarii and push them back, but the hold.
• Spanish medium cavalry charge a cohort of Legion 1 Princepes, but they hold.
• Gaulish medium cavalry cannot defeat the proud soldiers of Legion 1 Princepes, even though they are being flanked by the underperforming 1st Vets.
• The Spanish infantry have had enough as Hannibal urges them on for one final effort, and they destroy the unit of Legion 2 Princepes they have been fighting. The Legion I commander disappears with his men.
• The Gaulish veterans charge a unit of Legion 2 Hastati, they push them back, but the Romans fight grimly on.
• On the far flank. The last unit of Numidians and the Greek light cavalry fight on.

At this point, with all their commanders dead or missing, the surviving Romans lay down their arms and hope for the best.
Gaius’ dreams of becoming a senator are trampled by elephants. He will see them is his nightmares for years to come.

Word has it his daughter married a used chariot salesman.

The Roman right under pressure

The fabulously named "Legion 1 red Princepes" fights stubbornly on two sides

Bird's eye view of the end - Romans are being squeezed and the elephants will eventually hit them in the rear

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Central California

Awesome battle and report. Well done and thanks for taking the time! Bit of inspiration to try those rules growing here.

PS: You know, marrying a used Chariot salesman can only end in tragedy...

Keeping the hobby side alive!

I never forget the Dakka unit scale is binary: Units are either OP or Garbage. 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

Re Marriage

Unfortunately, I only thought of her marrying "Comicus - stand-up philosopher" afterwards.

I have another big bash in the works. I have way too many miniatures

This one involving Alex t.G.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Bowling Green Ohio

Wow this looks incredible!

How do you feel these rules handle the period?

I have been on a quest to find the right rules for a while, and the more popular ones simply don't cut it



Thought for the day: It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself
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Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

 Redbad wrote:
Wow this looks incredible!

How do you feel these rules handle the period?

I have been on a quest to find the right rules for a while, and the more popular ones simply don't cut it



They suit me well enough. If you are familiar with Warhammer Ancient Battles, these rules are sort of an upgrade to WAB 2.0
The author, Rob Broom is the former director of Warhammer Historical.

I am glad to answer any specific questions you might have.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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Fresh-Faced New User

And if this post worked - I am now here

(that's Rob Broom - author of War & Conquest)

thanks for the link and the great battle reports
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