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Made in us
Stubborn Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant

I’ll include the remains of the SW Legion transfer sheet and a list of paints I used. Cork bases, easy to change out. The Vindicator and Contemptor are from EBay, they are recasts. The Contemptor isn’t the cleanest so please take a close look at him. I managed to drop the Spartan when I was basing him so the sides of a couple treads broke off. Pics available on request. I’ll package in bubble wrap and send priority mail within 2 days. Looking for $900 shipped. Willing to go down if a trade can also be arranged. Not looking to split up though. Lots more pics posted in the Painting and Modeling Showcase forum. Thank you for looking.

HQ- Leman Russ
HQ- Hvral Red-Blade
HQ- Centurion in Tartaros armor
HQ- Centurion in Power Armor with power axe and plasma pistol
HQ- Priest of Fenris. Conversion made from a Deathsworn.
HQ- 5 Command Squad with Power Weapons. Can also be small veteran squad.

Elite- Contemptor with twin Autocannons and missile launchers.
Elite- 2 Apothecary. Conversions made from MKIII marines and Grey Knights bits.
Elite- 9 Deathsworn
Elite- 10 Terminators in Tartaros armor. 6 twin Power Claws, 4 Storm bolters with chain fists.

Troops- 10 Grey Slayers with bolters and CCW. 2 Combi-meltas. Huscarl with power fist
Troops- 12 Grey Slayer, 7 combat shields, 2 power fists, 2 power swords. Huscarl with Great Frost Blade.
Troops- 13 Grey Slayers, 8 combat shields, 2 power fists, 2 power swords, Huscarl with power fist.

Fast Attack- 9 Seekers with 7 combi-plasma

Heavy Support- Vindicator with laser destroyer
Heavy Support- Whirlwind Scorpius
Heavy Support- Leviathan with siege drill and claw

Transport- 2 Rhinos
Transport- Spartan.

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