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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

Summer 330 BC
Darius is dead, most of the once proud Persian Empire has been subdued, and the mighty Alexander has a choice to make. He desperately wants to go to the ends of the world and beyond: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!
But does he go east or north?
To the east is the balance of Darius’ old empire. But what lies north? Rumor has it that there is an empire beyond belief and imagination. To the east, Darius old satraps are falling all over themselves trying to be the first to submit, in hopes of retaining their positions. But to the north? Ah, that would be an adventure.
Alexander travels north, beyond the known world. One late summers day, a breathless scout comes racing back on an exhausted horse. “The enemy is here. ‘tis a force like no other. Lord, we are outnumbered (not to mention outpointed).”
“You forget one thing Dimnus, among all their numerous forces, there is not one man called Dimnus.”
The forces:
Alexander of Macedon (CinC – stationed on right wing)
Companion cavalry (2 units of 10)
Lancers (10)
Hypaspists (2x18)

Craterus (commands the center)
Veteran Pike (30)
Trained pike (2x30)
Greek Hoplites (20 & 18)
Agrianian skirmishers (16)
Macedonian skirmishers (16)
Mercenary archers (16)
Cretan archers (16)

Parmenion (commands left wing)
Thessalians (10)
Greek Medium cavalry (10)
Greek light cavalry (10)

Amazon Conglomerate (so called because army list is a compilation of several lists – mostly to match the figures I have):

Τίγρις, commanding right wing
Guard cavalry (10)
Medium cavalry (10 & 12)
Infantry horde (36)

Ελένη The Great Queen – commanding the center
Heavy Chariots (4)
Elephants (3)
Mixed Infantry (1/2 heavy & 1/2 archers) (3x24)
Hoplites (24)
Queen’s guards (24)
Skirmishers (12, 10, 10)
Slingers (10)

Eos, Commanding left wing
Light Chariots (4)
Horse Archers (2x8)
Light cavalry (8)
Cavalry Horde (18)

Turn 1: Initiative Amazons (the first of many)
Amazons send out their skirmisher screen to protect the elephants
Light casualties to both sides

Turn 2: Initiative Amazons
Macedonian archers ignore the enemy shooting them and concentrate on elephants.
They occasionally wound them but cannot break them.
Amazon guards charge 2nd Companions, who counter charge
Amazon medium cavalry charge Lancers, who counter charge
Both fights are pretty much even
(starting trend of Macedonians rolling poorly)

Macedonian phase:
2nd Hypaspists skirmish with heavy chariots – killing one
Both archer units fire on elephants – some wounds, but they don’t route
Both cavalry combats on the Macedonian right continue, the Macedonians win, but the Amazons stay in the fight.
Macedonian skirmishers drive off the elephant escorts

Turn 3: Initiative Amazons
Elephants trample Macedonian skirmishers
Missile fire continues – Greek mercenary cavalry (both medium & light suffer)
Amazon medium cavalry continue to hold up lancers
2nd companions finally defeat Amazon guard cavalry – they are overrun

Macedonian phase:
Macedonian left flank tire of being arrow fodder and advance – horse archers fall back
Agrianians skirmish with elephants on flank – but they won’t break
Amazon medium cavalry finally defeat lightly armored lancers – who disperse
(when cavalry falls below 4 figs, unit is removed. For infantry it is 6)

Turn 4: Initiative to Macedonians (1st & only time).
2nd Companions charge the infantry horde – but fail to break them
Alex & 1st companions charge the Amazon med cav – they are routed
On the left, Greek heavy cavalry break on Amazon cavalry horde
2nd Hypaspists fall behind the 1sy Hypaspists who engage heavy chariots
2nd pike spends the turn making lanes for elephants (house rule)

Amazon phase:
Amazon javelins, slingers & light chariots are getting the better of Macedonian & Crete archers.
Amazon 2nd Medium cavalry charge Alex & 1st Companions – they lose but hang tough
Macedonian 2nd Companions defeat the infantry horde – but they hang tough
2 elephants pass through 2nd pike – causing light casualties
Cavalry horde beats up on Thessalonians – but Parmenion keeps them in fight

Turn 5: Initiative to Amazons
Amazon skirmishers continue to devastate what’s left of 2 Macedonian archer units
1st Companions continue their underperforming ways & cannot defeat medium cav
2nd Companions finally dissipate against the infantry horde
In the center – 2 elephants strike one of 2 reserve Greek Hoplites
On the far right, the Thessalonians continue to underperform

Macedonian phase:
Cretan archers take out a light chariot
Alex & 1st companions still locked up with medium cavalry
1st Hypaspists take out a heavy chariot – they route & disperse
The Thessalonians finally have had enough and they disperse
The two elephants destroy the small formation of mercenary hoplites
One pursues off the board, whereas one is brought under control and turned about

Turn 6: Initiative Amazons:
The mixed units in the back finally have a target – they take out some Agrianians
Greek mercenary archers finally dispersed by javelins & slingers
Crete Archers are decimated
In their last act of underperformance, the 1st companions are defeated and dispersed
Alexander escapes.

Alexander calls his generals to his tent.

This never happened! Do you hear me?! No one must write of this ever. If a single one of you ever mentions this defeat to anyone, why I’ll……
We went east I tell you!
Now lets go find some more Persians to beat up on.

Pictures to follow

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The game begins - Turn 1

Macedonian skirmishers engage enemy skirmishers, heavy chariots & elephants

Cavalry clash on Macedo right wing
2nd companions v Amazon guard & lancers v Amazon medium cav

Macedo left wing cav being harassed by horse archers

Macedo skirmishers engage elephants
A bit hard to see - the Greek mottos are just colors of flag

Beginning of turn 2

Beginning turn 3

Routing in view of Queen doesn't help promotion prospects

2nd Companions engage infantry horde

2nd Hypaspists engage heavy chariots

Alexander leads charge of Royal Companions

Parmenion leads Thessalonians into valley of death

Amazon light cavalry

Light Chariots skirmish with Cretan archers

Elephants bearing down on Phalanx

Hypes fend off heavy chariots

Close up of poor lad who lost his head to Alexander's head swap

Start turn 4

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Start turn 5

The end

Alexander bugs out

The reason the Dice Gods favored the Amazons

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Parmenion, Alexander, Craterus

Amazon medium cavalry - I need to repaint them and jazz up the clothes a little

Guard cavalry
These are some of my first conversions - legs come form light cavalry, torsos from heavy infantry with axes and Persian horses
The red cloak on leader is 1st attempt at "Green stuff"

Some old Ral Parthas - probably 40 years old - painted by my older brother. Shields are hand painted

More old Ral Parthas - also painted by older brother

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
Herger the Joyous: Grow stronger! 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

Wow. a thousand views and not one comment.
Is that a record?

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
Herger the Joyous: Grow stronger! 
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