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Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

So I've been having fun with Warcry, love the Corvus Cabal models especially. But I'm also a fan of daemons, and the fact they can be used both in AoS and 40k (making it much more likely I finally get a new army painted for both ) and decided to have a go at putting together some Warcry rules for a Hedonites warband!

The premise is simple; you can't have a bunch of blood-letting for the amusement of the gods without attracting the attention of daemons, who will compete simply for the thrill of it, for the souls they can collect, or just to maintain corporeal form for a while longer.


NOTE: Since my printer seems to be in death throes at the moment (conveniently timed as always) I've been unable to test printing these, though I've tried to lay them out such that they should print fairly easily. If your printer supports double-sided printing then it should just work by setting the two pages you want (2-3 for ability card, 4-5 for fighter cards), while for other printers you'll need to manually flip the card, taking care to make sure it's the right orientation each time. I probably wouldn't advise printing just yet unless you really want to, as points costs likely need some tweaking yet, and I accept no liability for wasted ink

In gameplay terms the warband is intended to be a glass-cannon; they are expensive, fast moving, solid damage dealers but comparatively fragile. Abilities for all fighters include healing on crits (basically a riskier version of Respite that lets you stay in the thick of the fighting), perform a bonus attack if wounded (equal or below value, or any on 6), and a 9" (18" on a 6) teleport.

Fighter Types:
  • Daemonette: Your basic fighter, solid damage, fast, but can't take a lot of punishment.
  • Seeker: Expensive but tough and fast, probably want at least one for grabbing objectives or attacking isolated fighters, but can't climb (Mount runemark).
  • Siren: Semi-elite Daemonette, double ability prevents enemy in 6" from disengaging, on 6's can also prevent them from moving.
  • Idolater: Semi-elite Daemonette with a 2" attack, triple can boost attacks for friendly fighters within 6", also boosts strength on 6's.
  • Herald: Leader with good damage and durability, quad ability can bring back fallen fighters.
  • Infernal Enchantress: Combines a Herald and Siren into one, has a decent ranged attack but cannot move normally, must instead use a triple to teleport.

Points costs are unlikely to be well balanced, but could be fun to play.

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Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

Okay, so first issue to come up seems to be that the Infernal Enchantress' ranged attack just isn't very good for a model that can't move normally, as it's very easy to avoid with cover, and not really worth the cost of teleporting to use it.

I'm thinking of upping the range to 15", 4 attack dice, 4 Strength, and damage 2/4, so pretty similar to Stormcast ranged attacks.

This way they can deal pretty good damage at a range, but you'll still likely have to either put them somewhere vulnerable that the enemy is trying to get to anyway, or else burn dice on teleporting.

I'm still quite attached the no-movement/must teleport mechanic, as it makes them less of a no-brainer despite being a leader and musician in one. I'll definitely need to play test more, but I think the stronger attack should still be balanced by the trickiness of using it.

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Made in us
Pragmatic Collabirator

I haven't played much warcry, but isn't a 0" move a big determinant. Maybe the harp should be able to move a few inches, possibly at a penalty for its other abilities. Otherwise, looks good. I would like to see all daemons in warcry, it fits with the lore as being in between the age of sigmar and the age of chaos.
Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

 Eipi10 wrote:
I haven't played much warcry, but isn't a 0" move a big determinant. Maybe the harp should be able to move a few inches, possibly at a penalty for its other abilities. Otherwise, looks good. I would like to see all daemons in warcry, it fits with the lore as being in between the age of sigmar and the age of chaos.

Well, my thinking is that it will force you to use the teleport ability (Flickering Rapture) to move that model, and keeps it from having to be more expensive. Triples are relatively easy to get, especially if you use a wild dice to upgrade a double, and a 9" move with no restrictions is pretty decent I think, especially as it's not a normal move (so other effects that limit movement don't apply), plus if you can get a triple 6 it becomes 18" which is a big chunk of the battlefield in Warcry games.

In Age of Sigmar/40k the enraptures does have 6" movement like other models, but it's just something that doesn't look terribly mobile to me, which is what got me thinking about having it move in a different way.

And yeah, I think daemons fit in well with Warcry, but GW's shown no signs of releasing rules for them, or many others actually, I had been expecting new card packs every other week, but instead some seem to have disappeared from sale (Nighthaunt for example). It's a shame, as Warcry warband rules are dead simple, just a handful of fighters plus six abilities.

Made in us
Pragmatic Collabirator

I would think it could mope along a bit at a reduced shooting/harp attack. I don't like the idea of needing to use special abilities to get basic functionality out of a unit. Most all of your teleports will be going to the harp. Unfortunately, warcry doesn't have a way to represent complex rules like in aos/40k. It would be nice to say that the harp gets -1 attack or -1 strength if it moves and has a maximum move characteristic of 3 or 4 inches, depending on if it should be able to scale a building or not. I don't know how/if that can be represented in the rules.

I only played one warcry game when it came out. It was really fun, but I would need to get the full start set/collection if I wanted to have a chance of playing semi-regular games. That wouldn't be a problem, but the warbands in the box are my least favorite, and I don't want to spend $80-$100 on getting the warbands I would really want on top of the game set. Still, I might get it if I could use the terrain in 40k. It's just that it looks more romanesque than gothic. I don't know if the starter collection or start set would work better.
Made in gb
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

I don't think the starter box is even available anymore, at least in the UK. Here all that's available is an online bundle of various core bits, but all you really need is the core book.

Like you I didn't really like the two war bands in the starter set, so I just got the warband I wanted (Corvus Cabal, which will also pull double duty as shadowy Tzeentch acolytes in AoS) plus the core book. I have plenty of models that can stand in for chaos beasts, but mostly I prefer to just play warband vs. warband.

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Made in us
Pragmatic Collabirator

They're both still sold over here. All my terrain is 40k/scifi stuff, so I need fantasy terrain to play warcry/aos. That's why I would want a starter set/collection. But if I get that and then later stop playing warcry, I still want to be able to use the terrain in 40k games.
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