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Savage Minotaur

Baltimore, Maryland

Just finished one of the latest entries in Black Library Warhammer Horror genre, Castle of Blood by CL Werner.

It checked all the boxes that I want from my Warhammer stories. Interesting characters, fun story, and uniquely Warhammer.

Its “Horror” but its not going to make you wet your bed while reading it. Its more about the horrific situation that the guests are subjected to, from the traps that keep the guests from escaping, the demon that has a unique way of attacking its victims and how the disparate group of victims react to their fate.

For those not into Age of Sigmar lore, this is still accessible. The story is localized to one city for maybe the first 10% of the novel and the rest happens in the eponymous castle. Very little of the Mortal Realms is mentioned, SCE are briefly mentioned in passing and Chamon is mentioned a few times. Other than that, the AoS footprint is small. This could easily be in The World That Was, if you ignore a few very brief mentions of the Mortal Realms.

The cast of characters was an eclectic mix, a pair of Aelves, a pair of Duardin and the rest are human of various levels of social status with their own motivations, problems and ambitions. All of them are linked by one thing and thats what gets them invited to the ill-fated dinner party. There are a few tropes that annoyed me, but not much that made me disinterested in the characters.

Was a quick, very enjoyable read(or 7hr listen in this case, audiobook ftw while I paint and play WH2) which is par the course for CL Werner.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I very much enjoyed it and recommend to anyone who has also been enjoying the Horror genre of Black Library, or liked the classic one-off WHFB novels like Necromancer or Wine of Dreams.

"Sometimes the only victory possible is to keep your opponent from winning." - The Emperor, from The Outcast Dead.
"Tell your gods we are coming for them, and that their realms will burn as ours did." -Thostos Bladestorm
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