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Made in ca
Slippery Scout Biker

Ontario, Canada

Looking to get rid of some power armor space marines that I'm not using, all models are built bare plastic unless otherwise specified. I also have an unbuilt death guard portion of dark imperium. I am looking to start an imperial guard/ astra militarum army, send me a message if interested.

Terminator Captain 1x
Scout Squad- 1x heavy bolter, 1x shotgun, 2x bolter, 1x sergeant (all primed white)
4x Five man Tactical Squads- 3x bolter, 1x special weapon, 1x sergeant
1x Ten man Tactical Squad- 7x bolter, 1x heavy bolter, 1x special weapon, 1x sergeant
1x Venerable Dreadnought
2x Devastator Squads- 1x sergeant, 2x lascannon, 2x missile launcher
-1x sergeant, 2x plasma cannon, 2x grav-cannon
1x Vindicator-no turrets


For the Emperor! 
Made in us
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Dayton OH

I've got a fair bit of Guard stuff I'm not using, I could send your way for some of that deathguard. I have a Cadian command squad, a bunch of metal Cadians and maybe a box of plastic Catachans nib. Also a pretty good pile of tank parts and heavy weapons.

For the Emperor! Kill Maim Burn!... I mean purge the unclean!  
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