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Steady Dwarf Warrior


Preface, I've been out of the Warhammer game for 15 years...

The Chaos Lord "Spurred by the Gods" Command Ability seems really good. Might be good to take a couple. The current cast of GW models contains 3 Exaltef Champions (who don't seem that good) and 1 Chaos Lord on Foot.

Obviously a friendly game won't cause an issue, but how do tournaments view something like using an Exalted Champion model as a Chaos Lord?

Obviously, might have to do a little work on their weapons (Chaos Lords don't use shields for instance)

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Mutilatin' Mad Dok

Northern Virginia

It all depends on the TO and the pack. Most tournaments, even GT and majors, allow proxies as long as the model is WYSIWYG and there isnt a duplicate model thats acting as a third type of unit. (I.E couldnt take the same model and have HIM an actual exalted hero)
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Missionary On A Mission

In a tournament setting people's positions on 'counts as' can varry, and its something you'll have to reach out and ask the TO about yourself.

I'm personally less a fan of 'counts as' and more a fan of 'converted from', Chaos has a long proud history of taking bits from disperate sources and making hero units out of them, and while the exalted heroes (assuming you mean those when you say exalted champions) are Finecast, a swapped limb here, a modified weapon there, a replaced head, can all go a long way making them look more like chaos lords in their own right.

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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

There are so many chaos heroes/lords that you can basically call any specific model a hero or lord, provided you bling him up enough.

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Steady Dwarf Warrior


Great answers. Thanks!
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