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Regular Dakkanaut

H: Tyranids & GK W: Primaris

I don’t remember the names of all the units so bear with me.


- lots of termigaunts and gargoyles

- 1x carnifex

- 1x underground snake tailed thing (the big one)

- 1x tyrannofex

- 1x pregnant swarm mother thing

- 2x flyrant (built before they had devorer models)

- 3x harpies.


This army I just came into very cheap. I never played with them at all so I have no clue how they are kitted out.

- 2x terminator squad with close combat weapons, banners, psycannons, and apothecary looking things.

- 1x some kind of HQ unit with power sword

I’m looking for pretty much anything Primaris.

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Shoot I also have a land raider with lascannons.

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