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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey all,

Just having a clear out my stuff in a bid to condense down what I have. Here is a list of what I?m getting rid off.

All prices negotiable and include postage in UK. I?m happy to ship worldwide (buyers outside uk pay postage costs). By way of trade there are a few things I?m after. I?ve put a list at the bottom of the post with a list of what I want.

Pictures are available on request, and as stated the prices in brackets are negotiable. The armies I?d prefer to sell as whole forces, but if you interested in chunks at a time then tell me and maybe we can bash out a deal.

Pm me or email me at inquisitor_sternberg@hotmail.com and let me know what your interested and we?ll go from there.



Tau army (£100)

5 * Broadsides (all removed from sprues, 2 torsos have been glued together and green stuffed)

4 * Crisis suits (removed from sprues)

2 * 5 Stealth Suits (metal versions, includes team leader in each unit)

1 * 8 Shield drones (unbuilt)

2 * 8 Gun drones (unbuilt)

3 * 8 Fire warriors (removed from sprues, otherwise untouched)


Dark Angels army (£100)

All painted, each model has a metal dark angels pad and unit marking pad. Pictures can be seen here http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v133/heldane/DARK%20ANGELS%20PAINTED/

Note, also includes 1 unbuilt and unpainted plastic marine commander armed with a power sword and either bolt pistol/plasma pistol or storm bolter. Metal pads as well

2 * 10 man tactical squads (Missile, plasma gun, 8 bolters)

1 * 9 man tactical squad (missile, plasma gun, 7 bolters)

1 * 10 man assault squad

1 * 10 man devastator squad (6 bolters, 4 missiles)

3 * Rhinos (forge world dark angel icons)

1 * whirlwind (forge world variant)


5 * ork nobz (5 bodies/heads/banners, 1 choppa, 3 claws, 4 sluggas, 1 big shoota) (£12)

1 * Land raider forge world doors (£10)

1 * Marneus calgar honour guard (missing company champion, otherwise mint) (£15)

1 * Sisters of battle exorcist (forge world variant, extra armour) (£25)

1 * Ultramarine land raider (built, includes forge world doors and extra armour) (£30)

12 * Plastic space marines, (built, base coated colours. 2 plasma, 1 missile and 2 mk8 sgt armour)

1 * High marshal Helbrecht body (cleaned and ready for undercoating) (£4.50)










Beastmen - £120

1 * wargor (stripped)

3 * chariots (stripped)

4 * plastic beast herds (brand new)

2 * 20 bestigor (brand new)


Marauder army (£75) PENDING

4 * 20 converted marauders (all built and converted. 2 units hand weapon shield, 2 units great weapon. Full command in each)

1 * 20 Chaos warriors (built and 1 base colour on, hand weapons, shields . Full command)

1 marauder champion (brand new)


Bretonnian Knights errant army (£150)

Fay enchantress (brand new)

2 * 9 Knights errant (Horse built, knights unbuilt. Full command including grail knight leader)

1 * 6 Knights errant (Horse built, knights unbuilt. Full command including grail knight leader)

2 * 9 knights of the realm (horses unbuilt, knights unbuilt, full command)

1 * 8 questing knights (standard and musician undercoated, rest bare metal, 3 built horses and 5 with 1st coat of paint)

10 Archers (built and 1st coat of paint)

2 * 20 Men at arms (bodies glued to bases, otherwise untouched. Full command)

1 Trebuchet (built and undercoated)

1 Grail relique (unbuilt)

2 * grail knights (no horses)

Sorceress on foot (undercoated)

Sorceress on Pegasus (undercoated)


Lizard men (£15) PENDING

2 * 12 Skinks (removed from sprues, otherwise untouched)

1 * skink war chief (model with cloak of feathers and staff)

3 * Chaos chariots (1 built and 2 unbuilt) - (£10 each)

1 * 20 Chaos warriors (unbuilt, shields/hand weapons. Full command) (£15)

1 * Dark elf beast master on manticore (unbuilt) (£15)

1 * 11 Dark elf corsairs (stripped, includes pointing arm champion) (£12)

1 * Archaon on horse (unbuilt) (£12)





1 * War Mumak of harad (partially assembled (head/body) base sprayed black. No Haradrim for howdah, but chieftan included) (£25)

1 * aragorn the king on foot (unbuilt) (£3)

1 * Fellowship Aragorn (unbuilt) (£3)




Apothesis rulebook

Escalation rulebook

Cygnar battlebox

Cryx Battlebox

Menoth Battlebox

Khador Battlebox

Cygnar long gunners

Magnus the traitor Battlebox

Mule Warjack

Cygnar Stormblades

Khador Manhunter

Khador Widowmakers

(I?m looking for anything war machine related really, trying to get my gamin group interested, so tell me what you have, even if its not on the list)


Games Workshop

Elector count of ostland (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=9947020201801&orignav=13)

Empire command sprue riding legs

Plastic Space marine scouts

Plastic Space marine scout snipers

Plastic space marine dreadnought (untouched preferred)

Metal marine dreadnoughts (any condition)

Cities of death buildings



Thanks for looking!



Made in za
Regular Dakkanaut


got any bits?

In particular I am looking for plastic or pewter books (open/closed) for my SM inquisitor, looking for a "watcher in the dark" to use as a familiar - want to make/get a huge book for him to carry... any other nice inquisitorial looking bits that may come in handy when making my inquisitor...


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