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So Gotrek has burst forth into the Mortal Realms during the Age of Sigmar and already he's causing chaos and confusion!

Thus far the following has been published:
Realmslayer Script Book
The Bone Desert

Audio books:
Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World
Realmslayer: Heirs of GrimnirĀ 

Short stories:
Gotrek: One, Untended
The Neverspike

From what I've read and listened too, as far as I can tell, this is the order in terms of how the story flows:

1) Realmslayer - his very first new production which details his emergence into the Mortal Realms and the beginning of events which start to shape him as a character.

2) One, Untended

3) The Neverspike - A direct prequel to Ghoulslayer which sets the scene for the start of that story.

4) Ghoulslayer - his first major full "novel" in the AoS realms.

5) Realmslayer Blood of the Old World - this is a bit of an odd one because its audio nature and some of its start suggests that it should follow on from Realmslayer (likely after One Untended). However the revelations within it regarding Gotrek; his relationship to the Great Glyph on his chest; Malaneth and also his reflections on himself all suggest that they come after Ghoulslayer.

There's also two stories that I'm unsure where they place.
Bone Dessert - Gotrek is seeking his axe (this suggests a latter story in the current timeline); but his relationship with Malaneth also takes a few turns toward being a "slightly" less hostile. This would suggest that its actually chronologically later than many if not all of the above stories. It's certainly a "filler" story but seems a bit out of place time-line wise compared to when it was published.

Realmslayer: Heirs of GrimnirĀ - I've put this in the list because it is listed as a Realmslayer story, however I've not heard it yet, but reading the blurb it sounds like its more focused on support characters from the first Realmslayer audiostory, rather than Gotrek himself. It likely sits right after Realmslayer, but would be interesting to hear from any who have heard the story itself to give it a placement (it might even prelude it I'm not sure)

Anyway those are my thoughts thus far, I'd be interested to hear of your thoughts. Have I missed something that might place a story differently - do you agree or disagree?!

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Savage Minotaur

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Heirs of Grimnir is sometime after Realmslayer, and only mentions Gotrek in passing. I have a review/summary thread of it in this subforum.

https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/783552.page" target="_new" rel="nofollow"> https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/783552.page

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Thanks Nels! It sounds like its setting the stage in the background for some further Fyreslayer adventures with Gotrek. It sounds like it basically has no "time" in which its set and thus it will exist between the end of Realmslayer and whenever (if - the realms are vast) they meet up.

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Lancaster, UK

Hi all,
I've got another related question: what happened to Felix? (Please put your answer in spoiler tags).

I've read the first four anthologies, before the End Times stuff, but it would be great to know a) what happened to Felix, and b) what book did it happen in? At this point, I'm a little lost with what's been going on in the G+F universe, and what the reading order is post-anthology#4.


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Fixture of Dakka


After the four current omnibus for the Old World series they lead into:

1 Kinslayer
2 Rememberers (short story)
3 Slayer

Those are the End Times novels that complete their story for the Old World. Where you discover the fate of Felix and Gotrek and more.

From what I can gather the remainder of their stories and short stories do loosely fit into their main adventures as in-between adventures and quests. Though I've no idea when each book fits in as I've not yet got round to reading all of them. Some might be quite apparent as to where they are in the series; others might be somewhat ambiguous. There are loads of times when the pair are wandering around the world without much focus and can thus end up on all kinds of adventures; or when they are passing through a small village or town and take up a small quest in that locality. They are best read as stand alone adventures and there's likely some debate on when some might fit into the general narrative as formal parts of the story.

A Blog in Miniature - now featuring reviews of many new Black Library books (latest Novellas) 
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