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Decrepit Dakkanaut



Purgatory has been reborn!!
We are delighted to say that the Purgatory range is now available again.
To celebrate our launch today we are offering 40% off all the minis and GOTG cards. In addition we have produced a celebratory GOTG card. This card will be included with any purchase of a Purgatory miniature over the next 2 weeks. Simply use the code: REBIRTH on the cart to get your discount and card.


Now we have started the relaunch I wanted to get you up to speed a bit more on whats happening.
The initial plan was to relaunch today with a brand spanking new website. I spent every night after work for 6 weeks building the new site and it was a couple of days from completion when it got hacked. It has had to be taken offline while we fix things and it is possible I will have to rebuild it from scratch.
So instead the relaunch will be in phases. The first (today) is the adding of the current range to the wampstore. This means that not only are the models available again but you can also take advantage of the rest of the Wampstore at the same time which includes over 1800 products such as brushes (our own range is brilliant!), paints and even non-purgatory miniatures (shhh!) and cobine shipping to save money. If you register on the store you can also earn reward points on every purchase. Dont roget you can have 40% at the moment and theres the free special edition GOTG card for each order.

There are several miniatures not available yet. These will be restocked in phases as the get remoulded (some are already underway). We have also printed several hundred Gift of the Gods cards so almost all are now back in stock and these are also available in the store in the random pack. We will add the special sets over the coming days.

The move to the new store also allows us to offer a custom build starter sets. This will allow you to select which miniatures are included while getting a discount over buying individually. Dice and templates,etc will all be added as they also get restocked.

In terms of other happenings the Twisted collaboration Donna Monvoisin has been sculpted and as soon as we have some final photos to reveal I will post them up. I hope you like her because I think shes a fantastic addition. Lux Thantor Miniatures has done a superb job with her.

We also have a couple of other sculpts in progress. A New member of the Gangbangers is half completed. Gautier Giroud is also making a start soon on a compatriot for the Refugees of Religion that I will reveal shortly.

So thats where we are up to. It seems quiet but believe me I've been busy everyday sorting things behind the scenes.

Going forward we will be sorting the painting contest results. Unfortunately the change of ownership and difficulty in sponsor prize issues have meant a delay but it will be fulfilled.
Later this month I shall be asking you to choose the next sculpt we produce.

So thankyou for your patience and continued support. I hope I can earn your trust with taking over the mantle and as ever drop me a line with any ideas or opinions you have for the Purgatory world. Dont forget we also have a mailing list and instagram to stay connected with.



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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

40% off on miniatures will always get my attention.
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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Those are some bizarre and really striking figures.

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