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Made in us
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

Great Falls, Montana

Due to unseen expenses I need to part with one of my armys you get all of the following at a fraction of the price
Most will be in foam cept for sprues and forge world big boy they will be bubble wrapped i have sold over 20 armys with no issues

1 tau codex
15 nos crises suits
2 nos etherial
20 nos firewarriors
2 nib pathfinder teams
1 fw tuna supreme
3 riptides
2 commanders with cib
1 coldstar commander
1 fw commander ala with drones
15 breachers
5 pathfinder
3 cadre fireblades
1 darkstrider
1 etherial on disc
38 shield drones
12 marker drones
1 set of path finder drones
2 grav drones
All drones of colored squad marks cliped on
Asking for 550 ill pay shipping and i provide tracking number paypal is payment i accept as i find it safe
I will not ship to a po box or to a base sorry
[Thumb - E108C3BC-455A-4C21-A1C3-0B44D00C488A.jpeg]

[Thumb - 99204CA6-994D-477D-8D48-E12933067E91.jpeg]

[Thumb - ECD2A007-FF59-4BE3-B026-D5DDF625DE69.jpeg]

[Thumb - 9B2C3C8E-4E68-4475-91E8-5204189FC6B9.jpeg]

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“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

Made in us
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

Minnesota, USA

Would you be willing to part just the big boy? Would make the army easier to move and help me out a ton!

3rd Edition Blood Angel player, brought back to the game...
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