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I need some help getting started with Flames of War(already have the Patton's Eagles US Starter Box)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I have a fair amount of models from the Patton's Eagles US Starter. All are listed here:


Here is a list of what all it comes with:
- 1 x Tank Company HQ with two M4A3 Sherman tanks
- 1 x Heavy Tank Platoon with three M26 Pershing tanks
- 1 x Tank Platoon with three M4A3 Sherman tanks
- 1 x Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks and 48 figures.

I have to admit that while I love WWII history and have an interest in starting this game, the Company Organization Chart really hasn't ever made a lot of sense to me. I'm a bit of a BattleScribe addict from building list for Warhammer (40K, AoS, Kill Team, WarCry), Gaslands, Star Wars: Legion, and others. But, putting a list together in Battlescribe for FoW just seems very daunting and really doesn't make a lot of sense.

Could someone help me out in general? Is there any kind of Company I can put together with the models I already have? Do I need more models to be able to play a game?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!


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Unfortunately, that box set was released for Late War back in Version 3. Version 4 was introduced a few years back with Mid-War, and has only just started bringing Late War into the fold, as a consequence there are currently no rules for the M26 Pershing, and both the rulebook and Bridge at Remagen army book are useless unless you find someone who still plays V3.

The Shermans and Armoured Rifles can be used, however you will need other kits to make a complete force for V4

The current Late War offerings for Americans are covered by the Fortress Europe book and the D-Day Americans book, but it's the D-Day book that will give you the ability to use the 76mm Shermans your starter box came with.

Fortress Europe was a book designed solely to allow people with V4 Mid-War armies to use them in Late War until nations recieved their proper LW updates, and while it can still be used in conjunction with proper LW books, it lacks some options that didn't appear until the D-Day period.

As for list building, Battlefront have their own list builder here: https://forces.flamesofwar.com/

It costs a dollar or so per company you buy access to (with a small discount for buying access to multiple at once), but functions decently well as a general list builder. One thing to watch for, though, is that when buying the companies you want, double-check their item codes - the catalogue is difficult to navigate since it mixes LW and MW, and lots of the companies have identical names (such as Tiger Tank Company, a list which appears in several different books under the same name).

You don't have to use Forces, especially if you've already paid for the book, but it's cheap enough and fairly handy for spitballing list ideas.

So basically, what you'll need to play Late War is:
- Latest Version 4 Rulebook
- D-Day American Book

After that, you can look through the lists on offer to see what needs adding to your force in terms of models.

The Organisation Charts themselves can be a bit daunting, but once you get your head around them they're fine. Give the Version 4 book/lists a glance over and if you've still got questions then lay them here.

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My advice with what you have.

Pick up the Hit the Beach v4 LW starter. That will give you 1) the LW rule set, 2) enough other Shermans to go with yours to form a either a Sherman Co or a Vet Sherman Co based out of DDay, and 3) a set of German to sell to a friend to tempt them to start the game as well. Plus its about $50 on Amazon, so the price point is amazing for what you get. You will also get a US para platoon to flesh out your list and go with your Armored Rifle Platoon.

If you already have a source for the rule book. You can also look at the US Starter. $100 price point, but again, enough Shermans to flesh out a Sherman Company. An additional Armored Rifle if you wanted to do an Armored Rifle Co (which is one of the US strong points in terms of lists), Stuarts, Priests and M10s which can all be used in any list you wanted build.

And not to knock the help here on Dakka, but there are several FB groups, both official and unofficial that are full of folks happily willing to help you navigate list building.

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 ServiceGames wrote:
But, putting a list together in Battlescribe for FoW just seems very daunting and really doesn't make a lot of sense.

Do you have the physical Bridge at Remagen book? If so open it and pull out those antiquated things called pencil & paper (you are playing a historical game you know)
The various lists break down very much like 40k slots. 1st, pick a list to look at. The mandatory stuff will be in black boxes. Optional stuff will be boxes shaded grey. Each entry will also note a page #. So to find the details & options for your Sherman HQ you'd turn to page:xxx Tally up the points. Repeat process with Sherman platoon, Pershing platoon, & the Armored Rifles.

If you insist on using digital, use Battlfronts own Forces of War.
Sorry, I can't walk you through that, I'm still using P&P....

[quote=ServiceGames 784456 10688277 32efdcf311f45ccbae5e6b2a3407bac0.jpgCould someone help me out in general? Is there any kind of Company I can put together with the models I already have? Do I need more models to be able to play a game?

What you have is functioning Company from the 3rd edition book Bridge at Remagen.
About 1k pts worth I think - though my 3e USA list/costs memory is a bit fuzzy after A) not really playing the USA in 3rd, B) playing mostly 4th edition for nearly 3 years. A standard size game in 3rd ed was 2k pts although tourneys used 1750, 1850, etc.

And by functioning I mean game/rules legal. Wich is NOT necessarily a good list. If you put just that on the table in 3e you'd very likely get wiped as your mandatory platoons are too small & too few to sustain casualties.
What to add to it for 3e? I don't know exactly without looking at the book & without knowing what size of game you're aiming to play. But at a guess about two more plts of 4-5 Shermans, some AT guns &/or some arty.

Be aware that Flames is also now on 4th ed. And the Pershing has not yet been re-introduced. So if you're looking to play 4e you DEFINITELY need more Shermans.
About two more plts of 4-5 Shermans, some AT guns &/or some arty. I also recommend airplanes.
4e books are laid out very similar to the 3e books force chart wise. The core of your force will be presented in one formation large box with the mandatory stuff shaded black, optional stuff in grey.
Down below you'll see a box labled Divisional Support with units in grey. Divisional stuff doesn't count towards your forces morale, so it's important to have enough black &/or grey shaded units from the Formation section above for when casualties start.

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FoW is currently in a bit of a mess/transition depending on how you look at it.
My gaming group first started playing this around 4-5 years ago and every so often we try and get a mini tournament going, unfortunately the last year or so what with all the changes has made it quite difficult to keep up. Several of our group didn't bother and the few of us that did tried to work out what we needed. I went down the route of using Battlefronts own force builder but got muddled up with this. Ultimately we found people using different sets of points values which just didn't match up. The old army books are now obsolete unless you're opponent is also using them, some units within platoons have been entirely removed from the game.
I suspect more regular players or regular visitors to their website would be more up to speed with these changes.
We've put the game on the back burner until we're up to speed with everything.
To the op, hope you have better luck with it than we did, it's a great game.

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