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Question for the forum regarding visual makers/distinctions for someone with poor eyesight.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Greetings guys & gals.

I've recently embarked upon a commission project for a friend of mine. He's currently working on getting an Ork army built up and has enlisted my help to get this army painted and playable.

My friend has very poor eyesight. I don't know if he's legally blind (I've never asked) but I know he has great difficultly seeing detail, especially for painting, and can't paint long with magnification due to it causing headaches.

To help aid him in his gaming, he had the idea to paint each squad/unit with a different base rim color, especially the large squads such as Grots and Boyz, so that he will be able to differentiate between them on the tabletop if they wind up close to each other. Obviously the models will be painted to at very least tabletop standard (I take pride in my painting, and if I'm doing a commission I try to make sure it is painted to this level at minimum), but each squad will have a brightly and distinctly colored base rim, such as red, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc. etc. such that no matter which two squads wind up next to one another, none of them will have similar colored (in shade) rim edges.

Locally, none of us have any issue with this as we understand his eyesight issue and want him to be able to play (As he's genuinely a great guy and fun to play with too), but in the long term, should he start to join those of us that like to try and travel to tournaments outside of our local store and even out of state, I'm concerned some T.O.'s might not allow him to use his army with this visual aid base rim color addition.

I will also note/clarify that all of the basing will be the same/consistent, just that the rims of the bases will be different colors.

Those of you who T.O., or play in larger events, have you ever seen this done and, considering the handicap of the player, would it cause any issue?

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any input in advance.

Take it easy.


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I seriously doubt anyone would have an issue. If a TO did have an issue they would be opening themselves up to HUGE liability. Go for it! Sounds like a great and simple way to help a friend out.
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That is a common way to do it from time immemorial.

No issues.

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Check if he's colour-blind. There's various aids out there for figuring out what kind of colour schemes will be most beneficial for the colour-blind as there's various types and impacts.

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Coloring base rims is actually a pretty common solution and, from what I've seen, 100% accepted. Keeping the basing material and coloring on the top of the base the same throughout the army keeps it cohesive, with the base rim just being an obvious aid to keep squads / etc apart.

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Yeah base rims are often a good way to colour them for different squads. Esp today when GW has a lot of different sub-armies within a single race - esp for 40K. Many people use a coloured rim to help tell not just which unit is which, but also so they can say "XYZ" are in subforce 1 and "FES" are in subforce 2 etc....

It means that the model has a unique feature that is consistent for all the models in that unit, whilst at the same time it doesn't get in the way of what might otherwise a be a uniform paint scheme for the army as a whole.

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