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Made in us
Steady Dwarf Warrior


What do you guys think about this as a basis for a 2000 pnt army.

122 Wounds
5 drop

Godsworn Champions of Ruin Battalion - 180
- Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is the Hero to be able to fight in the Hero phase

Daemon Prince - 210
Paragon of Ruin
Hellforged Sword
Diabolic Mantle (D3 Command Points at start of game)
Khorne (for Bloodslick Ground)

Chaos Lord on Karkadrak - 250
Battalion Hero
Helm of Many Eyes (attack first)

Be'Lakor - 240
Undivided (obviously)
Whispers of Chaos

Chaos Sorcerer Lord - 110
Mask of Darkness

5 Chaos Knights - 180
Travel with Daemon Prince
Cursed Lances

5 Chaos Knights - 180
Travel with Chaos Lord on Karkadrak
Ensorcelled Weapons

15 Chaos Warriors - 300
Hand Weapons & Shields

10 Marauder Horsemen - 180
Javelins & Shields

Chaos Warshrine - 170

Here's the plan

- Be'Lakor takes the Marauder Horsemen
- The Chaos Sorcerer Lord takes the Chaos Warriors
- The Daemon Prince takes a block of knights
- The Chaos Lord on Karkadrak takes a block of knights

- The Sorcerer Lord buffs the Warriors with Daemonic Power & the Nurgle Aura
- The DP's Knights get to re-roll 1's on hit and get +1 to wound from the DP's Khorne Aura
- The Karkadrak's Knights get exploding 6's (and re-roll charge and get +1 to hit from Karkadrak's CA)
- The Marauder Horsemen & Be'Lakor don't have to worry about Battleshock from Be'Lakor's Undivided Aura
- Almost everyone hopefully gets the 6+ W/MW FNP Save from the Warshrine

- DP uses Bloodslick Ground every turn
- Be'Lakor locks down a nasty enemy at a key time with his The Dark Master ability
- Be'Lakor slows down some horde unit with Whispers of Chaos

- Chaos Sorcerer lord is free to pass around Oracular Vision if anyone is in range (otherwise he can cast it on himself or use it on the Warriors if they drop below 10 models)
- Warshrine will typically cast the Undivided Prayer on the Karkadrak, Knights, Warriors, or Marauder Horsemen (depending on who needs a little umph)

- The Warriors anchor some central objective
- Karkadrak, DP, & Be'Lakor (along with their retinues) are 3 fast, mobile, prongs
- Karkadrak team and DP team should be able to do some damage, especially Karkadrak on the charge
- Be'Lakor team should be able to harry enemies with Javelins and Feigned Flight rule

- No Endless Spells (could get Darkfire Daemonrift if I pulled 5 Marauder Horsemen)
- Maybe not enough "good" Command Abilities to warrant the Diabolic Mantle?

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Made in us
Raging Rat Ogre

The Wastes of Krieg

What weapons are on the Prince?
Made in us
Steady Dwarf Warrior


DeathKorp_Rider wrote:
What weapons are on the Prince?

Doh, thanks for pointing that out.

Planning on the sword based on some statshammer-ing (see attachment)

Also updated Marauder Horsemen to have Javelins & Shields and Chaos Warriors to have Hand Weapons & Shields. Not sure about the Chaos Knights.
[Thumb - axe_v_sword.png]

Made in us
Raging Rat Ogre

The Wastes of Krieg

I’d go with the axe, in my experience the sword rarely pierces the AP well enough
Made in us
Steady Dwarf Warrior


DeathKorp_Rider wrote:
I’d go with the axe, in my experience the sword rarely pierces the AP well enough

Thanks. I plan to magnetize his weapon so that isn't locked in.

What do you think about the overall makeup? I would have loved to get in a Gaunt Summoner. I know everyone is loving Marauders. To many heroes? I think the cavalry is cool and I like Warriors so that aesthetics is certainly a driver.
Made in us
Raging Rat Ogre

The Wastes of Krieg

I can’t really comment on your list except to say that warriors are always a better choice than standard marauders.
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