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Regular Dakkanaut

Im looking at the Generals Accessories pack that come with a whole bunch of tokens, a fold out rulesheet and scenario cards.
While I really like the rulesheet and scenario cards, im not sure about the tokens. Aside from them being double sided and theres just such a huge amount of different tokens, I also find them not great designed as most of them looks very similar at a glanze.
The tokens that come with the box look much better and feature icons on every token to represent what they show. Although they dont cover everything.

Being new to the game Im not even sure how useful all these tokens will be. Do people often need tokens during normal gameplay, in what situations? I understand Charge tokens can be useful, and Prone to not have to lay models down (though I wouldnt have a problem with this tbh) but all the rest of them, they used a lot?
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Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

I think that they're more just helpful as guides, not as nescessities. And the nice thing about tokens is that if you don't like the design, it's pretty simple to make your own.

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Crazed Wardancer

The tokens have only been added to the game this edition, but all the effects/situation they indicate have actually been part of the game for many years - which probably says enough about whether they are really necessary. Have seen people occasionally make their own before, but rarely.

The magical power effects can be useful, but with few spellcasters in a game and most magic lasting one turn, both players would normally remember. Charging cavalry is often easy to remember too, but when there are many models of which some were charged, and others countercharged, separating those is practical, as there can be quite some time between part of the movement phase and the subsequent combat phase, especially in larger games. "Prone" markers I'd say are the best ones, because the old rules of laying models down create problematic situation for their footprint - do you charge the actual model, and if so how about weapons or outstretched limbs? Only thing is that the tokens can also get in the way.

That said, I have certainly had situations where spells or details have been forgotten during gameplay, and tokens would have been a nice reminder. Not an issue in casual games, but in a tournament taking forgotten Fury saves the next turn, or debating which figures charged as neither player can remember, isn't ideal.
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Haughty Harad Serpent Rider

Richmond, VA

I find them occasionally useful.

What I find the most useful is the quick reference included in the accessory pack!

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