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Made in au
Khorne Rhino Driver with Destroyer

Hi Folks,
I'm a recent convert to AoS, and I've spent the last couple of weeks collecting all of the information I can. Departing from my fixation on Chaos, I really like the look of Gloomspite Gitz. I think that their models are really beautiful, and I love that the army can basically be played with a focus on four different things: Grots, Squigs, Spiders, and Trolls (the theme each of which I love). Although I want to focus on Squiggs, I hear that it is the part of the Battletome that perhaps least rewards focus. And I figured that it might be best to start off with a good core of Grots, which I can include some of in every list going into the future, and build my collection from there.

I was wondering, then, whether the following list would be decent:

1x Skagrott, the Loonking
1x Loonboss
2x Fungoid Cave Shaman
60x Stabbas w/ Spears
60x Stabbas w/ Spears
6x Squig Herd
10x Sneaky Snufflers
10x Sneaky Snufflers
5x Loonsmasha Fanatics
5x Loonsmasha Fanatics

1x Bad Moon Loonshrine

1x Mork's Mighty Mushrooms
1x Scraskuttle's Arachnacauldron
1x Quicksilver Swords

I basically just included all of the units that focus on Grots, and figured that bodies and magic were the way they win games. Not wanting to buy and paint too many Grots, though, I haven't gone OTT.

I have watched a bunch of videos, but haven't really looked into competitive lists/tacticas (not that competitive is at all my interest). Do note that I, like all rational people, don't do resin.

Any thoughts/advice would be hugely appreciated!

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Death Guard: 2700pts
Thousand Sons: 2000pts
Chaos Daemons: 2800pts
Renegade Knights: 1750pts  
Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Welcome to the Everdank! I might recommend lessening the sneaky snufflers to units of 6 (they’d have to be 6,12 or 18). They’ll be low priority targets so are probably good to be min sized to get their roll off. Or just go one unit of bigger size for key situations and objective sitting.

If you’re going grots you’re doing it right with the huge units backed by a Loonboss. Can’t go wrong with double fungoids in any gitz list too.

Squigs kinda stink but do fill that battlelline. I think however you should go for filling out at least one battalion for an extra relic. Not sure if squigs will help that out. Grots can be painted pretty quick and still look good.

If you want some squig action but with grots included I recommend Boingrot Bounderz in units of 10 backed by a Mangler Squigs Loonboss. Those give you some (albeit random) speed and forward combat punch. Mangler Boss with the hit and run trait plus clammy cowl or thermalrider cloak is crazy fun and excellent for a general.

If you want to expand into Troggs I like Fellwater for their shooting attacks and -1 to hit in melee effect. Also pack a good whallup in combat. Puts Bullgors to shame really! Nurgle Bullgors should be able to puke too.
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