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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Ok, since the tactic is officially dead competetive wise, its best time to start using it
Here is my 2k attempt for Bash brother's concept, that includes 3 detachments, TS supreme command, Death guard super heavy auxiliary, and daemons patrol.

Ahriman on disc 166pts
Daemon Prince of tzeentch, Wings, Talons 195 pts
Daemon Prince of tzeentch, Wings, Talons 195 pts
8 Scarab Occult Terminator (7+ 1 sorcerer) 268 pts
Magnus 445 pts

Mortarion 470 pts

The Contorded Epitome, Warlord, Celerity of slaneesh, The forbidden Gem 195 pts
10 Daemonetts 60 pts

1994 Total points, 4 CP

Ok, lets start with explanation
The contorded epitome in pure slaneesh detachment allows me to advance and charge both in the same turn, which means that I have 15"+3d6 to reach my opponent turn 1.
If i manage to hit my opponent screen turn 1, they will be locked in combat without fall back, which is goin to give my big dudes survivability.
I use forbidden gem to turn off characters that either have best CC to counter me up, or give best buff (via magic or abilities) to the opponent army.
Mortarion warp-timed by ahriman/magnus have 12"+12""2d6" to reach my opponent turn 1 and lock himself in combat close to the epitome so no fall backing allowed.
Depends on deployment of my opponent and mission that we play I sometimes just rush up Magnus and try to charge turn 1 with 16"+2d6
The rest of the army moves to the middleground, I use 1 cp to give one of the demon prince DMC, which allows me to teleport my scarab occult terminators in front of my character blob (ahriman & 2xdp). They also dish out quite a nice dmg.

There is not much room for changes, but I see 2 that I could possibly consider:
First swapping 1 daemon prince for exalted sorcerer on disc, which would gave me points to change daemon patrol of Epitome+10 daemonetts to a daemon vanguard with Epitome+3x1 Fiend of slaneesh
This change gives me 1 additional command point, and also 3 units to leave back on objectives rather than 1.

The other change I could possibly think of, is cutting up wings from both daemon princes to add up 2 more scarab occult terminators (both with soulreaper cannon).
That would give me a little less mobility on my hero blob, but more resistance to the shooting as well as a little extra firepower (they gonna be most likely one of only legal targets for my opponents)

Please, let me know in the comments what you think of this list, is locking up people in combat realiable way of protecting primarchs, can I clean up board fast enough to not loose badly on missions, and last but not least what you think of "changing options" suggested by me.

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Made in us
Tzeentch Aspiring Sorcerer Riding a Disc

Battle Barge Impossible Fortress

*if* you primarily intend on hiding the scarabs and then popping up somewhere with DMC turn one, just replace them with 16 rubrics. They're just as durable as the 8 terminators because anyone who can wipe 16 rubrics can wipe 8 Scarabs, AND you wont care about multidamage hitting single rubrics. Make the Supreme Cmd Duplicity and the scarabs can teleport themselves- you wont have to worry about being tethered to DMC and if they survive they can just teleport somewhere else?

Indomitable is a fantastic stratagem. Weaver + Indomitable + All is Dust if it applies is.......... a 3++ where 2s become 3s.

You're on the right track but I think beyond what you listed is just being nitpicky and might not even matter. So just roll with what you put above.

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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Oh man, I wish i could do that! Rubrics are better than scarab occult terminator - the only problem is, that supreme command detachment have no troops slot, and only 1 elite slot. Thats the only reason I picked them over Rubrics Marines
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