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Made in de
Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Hey all,

I'm new to this forum so please be gentle if not everything is as it should be at the start.

I am more of a modeller then a gamer so my focus for this army is to have good looking Miniatures rather than competitive forces..

started this sometime last your in a modelling forum (britmodeller) but decided that that's not the right audience.

I started it all with a squad of terminators:

followed by the termie captain from the start collecting box:

after that I did a squad of vanguard veterans, the old pewter ones:

next project was guilliman:

and then another squad of vanguard veterans, this time the plastic ones:

then the chaptermaster Marneus:

I wish I was able to get the older calgar, the one in termie armour but I couldn't find a not started one at a reasonable price so this one it is.
I also started two squads of sternguard veterans (one pewter one plastic):

and after someone on the other forum said that I cannot have 3 heavy weapons in one terminator squad I made it 3.

that brings me to the point where I am at the moment... If anyone is interrested in reading the WIP to all of this it can be found here:

thanks for looking and all C&C is highly appreciated!


Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Welcome! I like your Marines. They have a classic look. The vanguards are my favorite of the bunch.
Made in gb
Tyrant of Badab

HATE Club, East London

Nice start. Welcome. Keep it going

Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire. 
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

I can tell you are improving fast in those pics. Looking forward to see where you go!

Courage and honor!

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 13K+ Slowly growing 3Kish
Nevelon's Workbench: Ultramarines, Saim-Hann and other assorted oddities
Made in ch
Revered Rogue Psyker

Beyond the lack of spikes, i like it


A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

Who would win:
10'000 + years of veterancy, or some raidy Boys?
Trick Question, of course it's the loyalists!

(Not Online in regards to the new Red Corsair battalion CP boost and 8th edition.) 
Made in de
Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Thank you all for the kind comments!

Not much progress to show as I am curently moving my workbench from one room to another (more hobby space! Yeay!)
but before that I managed to complete one of the sternguard veteran sergeants:

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy painting those...

Made in ca
Freaky Flayed One

Great job on the eyes!

Made in ca
Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


I like how you try to adhere to the Ultramarine markings, that detail adds alot!

I would suggest for your whites you apply either a light brown (for a more "warm" look, leaning toward a "cream", I would suggest this) or a grey (a more cool look, I tend to use that for more modern or new looking things) before the high end titanium white: it is too easy for it to look uneven or "chalky".
It will also act as a border between the neighboring colours and the white.

I think you did a great job centering your drilling of the gun barrels.

Very good to see the lines on the purity seal parchment, maybe squiggle them a tiny bit more or add the occasional break with each of those lines to better look like text?

Maybe a tiny bit more brown shade paint on that gold to define the details a wee bit more?

Flesh tones could use a bit of shade as well since they are very smooth and uniform which is what you want as an initial coat.

You have really good instincts on where to edge highlight, try to keep the "light-source" consistent with your lens white dot with the direction of the strongest edge highlights.

I have been trying to perfect hazard stripes, the one on the terminator is nice and sharp, I would suggest just like how you added the brighter yellow as a border highlight, you add a very dark grey on the black in the same way... it will look awesome.

Both tabbards and the helmet "frill" (Crista) Could stand a wash or shade applied, to smooth out the colour transitions on the cloth and to fill any bright white that snuck into the cracks and crevices within the strands.

The work you do on your bases look very well done and your painting is very accurate, that is 90% of the work of painting well.

This is pretty much a list of everything that jumped out at me looking at the pictures.

It all comes down to when you say "good enough".

Well done!

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte 
Made in de
Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Wow, many thanks for this detailed constructive criticism! I will keep that in mind when I do the next one and maybe I'll go over the white parts once again as they do not look as good as I wish...

anyway, after having to pack and unpack everything and setting up the new workbench I started with something I call ambitious... A challenging task so to say.
it involves all of the below:

Yeah I want to do a command squad for my first company!
But as even the chaplain and the librarian of 1st Company are wearing terminator armor it seens a bit weird to have the comand squad walk around in normal power armor...
If I read the codex correctly only the ancient has the official opion to wear terminator armor but anyway I want to have the whole group looking good together.
I don't think I'll ever compete in tournaments so I can easily say it counts as normal comand squad and just looks different...
Alright, enough talking!
Here are my humble first attempts at sculpting with green stuff...
not great but also not completely terrible

So these are the beginnings of my terminator apothecary!


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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

That's a ton of material to work with. I imagine they will be quite the impressive group. Apothecary helix looks good. You can always sand/scrape rough spots after the putty cures, too. Have fun!
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Not a huge fan of the GK terminator sculpts, after just painting a pair to join my Deathwatch. Build a librarian for my Ultras out of the box, needs paint. An ancient is on my to-build list from the box, looking forward to seeing how you do yours.

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 13K+ Slowly growing 3Kish
Nevelon's Workbench: Ultramarines, Saim-Hann and other assorted oddities
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