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Hi, I managed to interest my gf in some AoS models and was hoping for some advise on how to build a list from that. I don't play AoS myself yet and don't know the ins and outs of list building. Like when are 3 battleline required, do faction restrictions interact with it, is it worthwhile going mono sylvaneth for winter glade bonus, What's up with meeting engagement?

It will most commonly be paired against hedonists of slaanesh.

She loves the syl endless spell models, and drycha.
She likes treelord, branchwych, and dryads well enough.
She is fine with tree-revanants, not spite.
Doesn't like kurnoth hunters, although I do.

Loves frost phoenix. Hates it's guard.
Is happy with sisters of the thorn, and ok with sisters of the watch. Dislikes eternal guard/ rangers and nomad prince. Unknown if she would like arch-revanant if it ever comes out.

I can make 1k lists that keep to her preferred models but have trouble growing beyond that and really don't want to buy a bunch of glades or extra dryads. Is there anything to work with in syl or order?
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3 Battleline are only required in 2000 points.

Your chosen faction will open up what your battleline options are. Sylvaneth has 3 Battleline units.

If you are going Sylvaneth unit heavy, I'd recommend using their allegiance, as it gives you more options in terms of allegiance abilities, traits and such. You can possibly ally in the non-Sylvaneth stuff that she likes, possibly, but I don't have their ally matrix on hand to know for certain.

Meeting Engagement is something that was in the latest GHB and never really took off. Cool concept, but it didn't seem like something people wanted, and it opened up different sorts of balance issues.

I'd download the Azyr app to help yourself build a list and see what options are available to you.

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EDIT: Sorry if i'm assuming you don't know to much about the game, you might. But making sure i don't miss something

As for building an army? First know the point level you want to play, there are 3 distinctive point levels that has slightly different rules on what you must and can take. Its basically;
Low: 1 Leader, 2 battleline, optional less artillery, behemoths, optional heroes
Normal: 1 Leader, 3 battleline, optional more artillery, behemoths, optional heroes
High: 1 Leader, 4 battleline, optional even more artillery, behemoths, optional heroes

You can build an army and know the restrictions here

As for Sylvenath, at least she likes the core units, sadly the A+ units are the Kurnoths, but that doesn't mean she has to play with lots of them. You'll want a few Heroes normally as they tend to buff and support other units, as well for you add more units and trees. NOTE: You'll need to pick up some terrain for this army, they really work much better with their terrain, keep this in mind when you are mapping out the cost of the army, 2 of the smaller box sets are perfect for anyone not looking to play serious, you get a full set of extra rules for playing them, like teleporting through them, getting protection, etc...

If you start with 3 Heroes (Treelord Ancient to cast more spells), your Basic battleline of 2 Dryads, a Tree Revenant, that'll be a starting army of 1200, then if you add in one or more of the endless spells (Tho i woulnd't play all 3 of them) that means she'll need about 200pts more to play a 1500pt game, which is a very good starting point. 2k is normal, but many play at 1500 and many that play at 2k will be happy to play at 1500 as well. If she wanted too she can just take 1 Endless spell and play at 1250pts. But you are working with a low model count army, i would go up to 1500 points and add in some more bodies. If you want to go cheaper and not buy 2-3 more boxes of Dryads, Kurnoth will work just fine, 1 unit of anytype is fine, otherwise get more Dryads (tho she might like that).
OPTIONAL: B.c she likes Dryads, If you get a Branchwairth you can summon more Dryads with a spell and those are free points, so keep this in mind as you'll need more Dryads to play this unit, but it is a very strong spell if you play it (Free 2D6 Dryads).

Now about making your army bigger? Get Alarielle and a unit she can summong thats 600pts instantly and she is very fun, also another option is 3 Treelords for the Battalion (its like a formation) thats a fun way to pay them too.

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Thanks everyone. It sounds like going all in on trees is the preferred method. More suggestions are still welcome, I'm seeing how she likes building the spells first.
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