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Slaanesh Havoc with Blastmaster

Denver, CO

A friend gave me some old Loyalist Termies (power fists/chain fists and Assault cannons) and push-fit marines with no weapons. I already had a couple loyalist dreads laying about. Thought I’d make them Deathwatch to go with my IG and Inquisitors... but what the hell man?!?! Spoke with some of the usuals down at the GW and they had no aid to offer. The store manager was all like buy this and that because they can be anything! So, a couple of questions from a noob to the DW...

1. Is there any realistic advantage to souping the hell out of each squad? I can understand if each individual grants the entire squad their special abilities but still, it seems a bit weird and still like I’d want to focus on one thing for better overall performance.

2. Does the squad lose special abilities if/when the member carrying that ability goes down?

3. Are bikers realistically worthwhile to soup with a regular squad?


1. No I don’t have the codex. It wasn’t at the GW and I’d prefer some basic understanding before blowing cash.

2. No I have literally no idea what they’re about other than basic lore.

3. No, I have not been able to “google” a codex worth of answers... though not for lack of trying.

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 AlmightyWalrus wrote:
This line of reasoning broke 7th edition in Fantasy. The books should be as equal as possible, even a theoretical "Codex: Squirrels with Crustacean allies" should have a fair chance to beat "Codex: God".

 Redbeard wrote:

- Cost? FW models cost more? Because Thudd guns are more expensive than Wraithknights and Riptides. Nope, not a good argument. This is an expensive game. We play it knowing that, and also knowing that, realistically, it's cheaper than hookers and blow.
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Nah, just stick with the basic Power Weapons and Storm Bolters. Bikers aren't worthwhile in the mixed squads unless you're planning to Combat Squad and get a Vanguard dude in there. 3 Bikers 2 Vanguard is surprisingly okay at hitting stuff.

CaptainStabby wrote:
If Tyberos falls and needs to catch himself it's because the ground needed killing.

 jy2 wrote:
BTW, I can't wait to run Double-D-thirsters! Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney.

 vipoid wrote:
Indeed - what sort of bastard would want to use their codex?

 MarsNZ wrote:
ITT: SoB players upset that they're receiving the same condescending treatment that they've doled out in every CSM thread ever.
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Wicked Warp Spider

I wouldn't trust GW store employees with recommending what you should get. I went in and said I wanted to dip my toe into 40k again and just get a squad of guardians, and a couple of paints. You know, just to see how I get on and if I'll enjoy hobbying, they immediately tried to sell me a £100 battle force box and a set of £30 worth of brushes...

Do more research. If possible, get the codex before buying any models.

From what I understand, Deathwatch can mix squads so you can have normal marines mixed with inceptors/bikers etc. in one squad. The squad gets the toughness value of the majority of the unit. If you intend to play the army id get a codex or watch some deathwatch bat reps. Maybe look for a deathwatch player localy or ask around on their tactica thread.

Hope this helps.

https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/772746.page#10378083 - My progress/failblog painting blog thingy

Eldar- 4436 pts

AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "
Made in ca
Painlord Titan Princeps of Slaanesh

Hamilton, ON

1d4chan has its issues and nothing on it should be taken as gospel but it can be a helpful overview.

Deathwatch in 40K, and Deathwatch in Kill Team

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Kabal of The Violet Heart (updated 02/02/2020)
* as of Chapter Approved: 2018. Not a typo.

All 'crimes' should be treasured if they bring you pleasure somehow. 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I pretty regularly play against a Deathwatch army that is all Stormbolters and Storm Shields, with Frag Cannons in each squad. I don't want to claim that it kicks my loyalist Primaris in the teeth, but it does make all my base bolted shooting feel as mopey as it was pre-Order 2.0.

Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

The advantage of terminators in regular vet squads is mostly to tank AP- wounds. You have a few of them in there for that. Give some regular vets SS to tank plasma and the like. Between the two of them, you are tough vs. whatever you need to be.

As their role is to eat fire and die (preferable slowly) you don’t want to invest a huge number of points into them, so SB/sword is a good low cost entry. Now a few fists is not going to break the squad, but they do add up.

There are pros/cons to mixing up squads. I’ll let someone with more practical XP answer that one. Depends a lot on what you need/expect them to do. It’s hefty, but you might want to take a look at the tactics thread.

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 13K+ Slowly growing 3Kish
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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Mixed squads are fine if you want to play narrative, do some kill team etc. In regular games, to speed up rolling, best to have similar type weapons.

If you are going veterans (also known as Old marines), stormshields and stormbolters are excellent. Sad part, you get too few Stormshields in the main box, and no stormbolters. You will need to source these elsewhere.
A frag cannon in a squad is a good thing to have, maybe even 2.
You will want a terminator in each sqd (again, maybe 2). Stormbolters and power weapons are best.
You will want a vanguard veteran (jump pack) in there...basic loadout is best although adding a power weapon isn't bad.
Bikers are OK as they do give you a teleport homer for the sqd.

So, what to buy?

You can't go wrong with the start Collecting set. It gives you 10 veterans, a ton of weapons, Artemis and a ven dread. I would source some other marines cheaper to fill out another squad as you get a ton of weapons on the Deathwatch Sprue.
You will want a 5 man vanguard veteran sqd. This allows you to add a jump pack dude to each squad, and maybe make a Jump pack captain. The set also adds more stormshields, although they are not the cool Deathwatch ones.
You will want a couple of terminators. If you don't buy the boxset, try finding the Space Marine Heroes series 2 sets and grab a couple of those.
I would hold off on bikes.

At some point you will definitely want a watchmaster too, he's a separate blister pack.

Alternatively, you could look at Primaris marines to fill out your squads. These are a separate unit entirely.

I love my Deathwatch and keep adding marines with different weapon loadouts...they are fun to collect.
Made in us
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

The advantage to terminators is mostly that you can take 2+ armor saves. A good deathwatch squad had both those and storm shields.

You want most of your terminators just with power weapons and SBs.

The storm bolter/storm shield combo is the preferred veteran loadout, the only basic marine box thst gets you those is sternguard box.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

For deep answers, I'd hit upt he tactics pages.

Easy answer, mixed squads can be good but you need to research the splits. Deathwatch are kind of like the rainbow six of marines with bunches of different ammo types. Currently they suffer from lack of doctrines but their ammo kind of fills that gap at the moment.

As others have said SB and SS is the proper set up for some of your squad mens and Terminators do some work with their armor save and storm bolters being good as well as making the squad fearless as long as they live.

They are fun but expensive and until we see what they'll get with PA are behind the power curve a bit currently.

Over all they are fun but to know all you need to do with them you'll need to do deeper research but I think they are worth building up and as total side note the Corvus Blackstar is one of the finest looking flyers, imo.
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