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Hey all,

So I was looking through some DA stuff, specifically a contemptor dreadnought to add to my Deathwing troops, when I found this one site that was selling the model I was looking for ridiculously cheap, 19 GBP, to be exact.

The prices are super low, for 40k standards, which makes me suspicious of the legitimacy of the site itself, like a CS:GO gambling site with ultra-low prices, seemingly it's too good to be true. If you get what I'm saying... I checked those scam-detector sites, and I haven't found anything at all.

I'm definitely interested in buying off of them, but I wanted to make sure it was safe first. Has anyone else here bought off of them? If so, what was it like?

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It's recast site. Instant tell(beyond price) is it has FW models on sale. NOBODY outside FW sells FW models legitly as new. FW doesn't do retailers.

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As tneva82 said, FW does not sell to retailers nor distributers so anything bought from a store below RRP is going to be recast. As site policy we do not allow links to or name dropping of sites that sell recasts so I am locking this now.

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