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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Hello after some advice regarding my new army please going for 1750pts

Got 3 detachments

Scion battalion detach - iotan dragons
X2 primes (1 with command rod)
X2 squads of 10 scions (x4 plasma guns & plasma pistol in each)
X1 squad of 9 scions (x2 plasma - in Taurox)
X1 Taurox prime, autocannons and Gatling gun

Supreme command detach - Vostroyan
Leman Russ Tank commander, plasma cannon and plasma sponsons (prob make tank ace)
X2 leman Russ tank commanders with Demolisher cannons and heavy Bolter sponsons and track guards

Battalion detach - Vostroyan
X2 commanders (1 ward Lord with grand strategist)
X 3 10 man infantry squads
X5 Bullgryns with brute shields and Mauls
X2 hellhounds with heavy flamer and track guards
X1 heavy weapon squad (x3 mortars)

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

You might be happier tweaking the taurox into a chimera (twin flamer and track gaurd) and lowering the bullygryn squad to 4.

That gives you the option of running the bullygrun up the field emperor's blade style, and for a bit of redistributed points, making your 9 man squad with 2 plasma into a 10 man with 4 and a pistol. Iotan Dragons do best from deepstrike, I think, since they can go basically anywhere on the board and set up 9.1 to 12.1 inches from the target.

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Made in us
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

Cadia Prime

I'm not sure if these are the only models you have (I hope not), but I would run the scions as a 5 man squads and drop them either on objectives or near vehicles with meltas attached. any knowledgeable player will focus these out as they're the only decent shooting troop choice we have.

For the Torax I would lose the gatling cannon and grab the battlecannon.

Lose the track guards, and plasma sponsors on the tanks and run all 3 of them with battlecannons and lascannons. This will give you plenty of breathing room so you can snipe tanks and such at a distance without having to get close. Also make sure you run them as catachan so you get the reroll for your main gun.

On your guard squads grab a special weapon dude, make sure to give your Sgt a boltgun so the squad can not only capture objectives but also give you decent firepower. I would also run that batalion as cadian for rerolls when standing still.

Your army is starting off strong but you need more tanks, arty (mortars/basilisks), and above all meat (lots more guardsmen)

Hope this helps.

5000 points
3500 points
1000 points 
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