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Is there is list of currently produced mini wargames?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Is there is list of currently produced mini wargames? I saw a wikipedia article and a board game geek article, but they are not up to date, and also have tons of older games that make locating the current ones more difficult.

On a related note, how do you discover new games?
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Guerilla Miniatures Games sells me on a LOOOOOOT of new systems. Beyond that I see things on the news thread here, or it hits facebook via a friend excited about it. There's no shortage of products vying for attention. If anything, I should probably cull a few and focus more on my favorites.
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Tabletop Fix gives out info on new releases from a huge bunch of companies

Basically if they send out a news email/newsletter and he gets it its normally posted there. It's a great resource and isn't loaded with ads or anything. It's just straight information.

As for a list I know that The Miniatures Page has some lists, but some are also out of date. Though its a good catch-all site resource for wargaming in general.

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 LunarSol wrote:
Guerilla Miniatures Games sells me on a LOOOOOOT of new systems.

Lol, same. He really is the best when it comes to introducing new games. I was not at all interested in Gaslands as i'm not a car guy anyway and the concept, while novel, was not my cup of tea.

Then I saw a Battle Report....holy hell that game is fun.

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Third GMG.

However, I also just find them by:

-Browsing the shelves of my LGS
-Looking at what people are doing on various social media.
-Reading or watching a strong battle report
-Reading reviews on Blogs
-Buy whatever Osprey publishes

I don't worry too much if other people are playing a game I am interested in. As a game designer, I need to expose myself to different mechanics and ideas in order to keep myself motivated. Therefore, I am often searching for novel approaches or genres.

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