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Got a Seraphon player in my local group, and was hoping to get a source on how the Coalesced army's Scaly Skin rule interacts with Mortal Wounds before it comes up in a game. I know that in 40k, Mortal Wounds are treated as separate instances of a single damage (Smite deals D3 damage, roll a 5-6, it deals 3x 1 damage letting it damage or kill multiple models within that games different rules rules) but, how is it in Age of Sigmar? Say I use a magic spell that deals 6 Mortal wounds, would it be reduced to 5 vs Scaly Skin? Or would it just be 6 damage


 Rippy wrote:
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It's the same in Sigmar as 40k.

Each mortal wound is a single 1 damage attack, and therefore cannot be reduced by any damage reduction ability that has a minimum of 1.

In your example that spell would still do 6 damage.

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