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Hey all

As I grew up with Judge Dredd (mostly the Megazine) I am surprised now to find there hasn't really been many tabletop games made for it. GW made one back in the 80s, with some shockingly sculpted miniatures with terrible proportions. More recently (I say recently, it was 8 years ago) Mongoose Publishing, with assistance from whatever Warlord Games was back then, made one, and the models were slightly better. Both were "28mm".

Now that Warlord Games have released their 32mm tabletop game i was thinking that people would be dumping their Mongoose 28mm Judge Dredd models onto places like ebay, but they don't appear to be all that plentiful.

Mostly I've been looking for the Judges on bikes (I believe there were 5, Dredd, Anderson, a generic Judge, a Tek Judge and a Med Judge), but they're like hens teeth it seems and the couple I've seen go for silly money.

So, where are they all?

TIA for any input on this.

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I suspect Mongoose made such a hash of KS delivery anybody who was likely to dump their stuff did so then, and it got bought up by those who are using it or who just don't resell

I also don't think by the time that the judges on bikes were released many people were still interested enough to buy at retail so there won't be many around

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Fixture of Dakka

No. Quite honestly, they work alongside the new figures and new book quite fine.

Love the game, love the figures.

The Judge Dredd Kickstarter was rough, but considering that Matt took the whole elephant bent over, he did a mans sized job of it and in my opinion, it went better then a lot of projects went.

. It took almost 2-3 years to get all of my figures, and then after the fact, Matt jumped ship to Warlord and continued on with the project. I'm sure with the influx of logistics support, he was quite content to just work the game angle.

TBH, the new figures are on par with the other ones and you should just get what you can get from Warlord.

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Leeds, UK

I didn't see it mentioned, but I'd give Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter a go. It's based on Wildlands from Osprey, which I recently played and really enjoyed! Wildlands was fairly fast-paced once I'd gotten the hang of the rules (which took a turn or two), so we managed to get a few games in over an afternoon. Helter Skelter is from the same guy, basically the same rules and the minis look great.

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