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So I've been trying to find any information about Code One, but I can only find the announcment and the trailer for the first starter box for Code One. Have nothing else really been said, or am I just terrible at finding information? I know tomorrow, the 16th, they will unbox the new starter and show a game, but I wanted to read about the more "simplified" ruleset.

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Is there any information, if the other factions (not included in Code One - like Nomads and aleph) will get some new miniature releases when N4 hits?
I adore the new PanO Minis, but I cannot justify buving in to another faction
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Mayacast, one of the infinity podcasts, revealed this on today's episode (they normally release on a friday, but held it over the weekend so they could incorporate Carlos Llauger "Bostria" info.

News from the mayacast interview with Carlos Bostria
Old operation boxes are being repacked into faction packs. So you'll get the operation half, and the beyond half for that faction.

Code one is limited to one combat group
There will be a terrain expansion for operation kaldstrom
Sounds like new support packs and new remotes are coming for Pan-O, new remotes for yu jing
Crits are two normal Armour rolls now
Shotguns are being changed, they will have a direct template mode and a BS skill mode that has a roll.
New Yu jing ambush unit is going to have normal camo, -3 and Hidden deployment in N4 and code one.
Yu Jing is getting a new tag

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More information about Operation Kaldstrom is here:


In addition, the Corvus Belli YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/CorvusBelliSLL) has a plethora of information.

The Code One Product Line Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4muwP_8-J3A) should be very helpful.

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Definitely not enough information about CodeOne if they really want new players to preorder into this, especially with so much competition.

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